Sunday, March 11, 2012

Presidential elections 2012 : The Circus goes on

The second day of the presidential elections registration seems to be even more interesting than the first day
Today citizen Adel Abdeen from Tanta came and registered himself as the presidential candidate while holding the Egyptian Royal Green flag and claiming that he is the son of King Farouk I , the king of Egypt and Sudan !!!!
Abdeen "Al Wafd newspaper" 
We got also citizen El Sayid Ahmed who came on his motorbike to register as a presidential candidate.
On the motorbike "AP"
Infamous lawyer who fights everybody Mortada Mansour registered himself today. It is worth to mention that Mortada lost the parliamentary elections in his hometown in Mansoura fro two months ago !! Mansour says that Egypt needs a Man and he is that Man.

Mortada Mansour "AP"
Bothiana Kamel registered herself as well in the elections today wearing a traditional blue Galabiya.
Abdel Moneim Abu El-Fatouh has sent someone on behalf to submit his application.
3 Egyptian Christians presented their applications today as well : Adel Daniel , Mamdouh Ramzy and Malid Kars.
Now regarding the Power of attorneys race :
  • Hazem Abu El Ismail has reportedly scored a lot of Powers of attorney in the second day in row in Alexandria , which is not a surprised considering that Alex is the capital of Salafism in Egypt. Abu Ismail is followed in the race by Abu El-Fatouh in Alex.
  • Hamdeen Sabhi and Khaled Sabhi joined the race as well in Alex but not as advanced Abu El Ismail and Abu El Fatouh.
  • Amazingly Amr Moussa comes very late in the Power of attorney race in Alexandria for the second day.
  • Shafik Campaign reports that he managed to score about 1520 powers of attorney in Monufia , Ismailia, Cairo and Qalubiya.
  • Shafik campaign claims that he is advanced in Mania and is followed there by Hamdeen Sabhi then Amr Moussa.
  • Now Abu El-Fatouh campaign is reporting violations in some notary offices in Alexandria and North Sinai involving bribes “LE 250” for the sake of certain candidates by some of the employees.
  • Abu El-Fatouh campaign is reporting also that in certain notary of offices in Mania, Ismailia , Qalubiya the employees do not accept any power of attorneys except for certain candidates.
  • Abu El-Fatouh campaign has reported that in Nasr City workers from the factory zone ‘10th quarter’ are given between LE 30 to LE 100 to go and submit PAs for certain candidates.


  1. I love this! And what you're writing about the Virginity Tests and protests against the verdict too. And to think I have to leave Egypt now, just when things are getting REALLY interesting again!!! I will keep reading your blog while I'm away. Thank you!

  2. Sudanese Mahdist3/12/2012 06:25:00 PM

    Just a proviso on the part about Sudan.

    Muhammad Ali Pasha brutally invaded and occupied the Sudanese Kingdoms in 1820 and brought all their domains under his control until the glorious Mahdist Revolution in 1881 which liberated the Sudanese and established Africa's first indigenous free State until 1898 when the 'British' decided to reconquer Sudan and subjugate the Mahdist State as it was setting a bad example to colonised peoples in Africa and elsewhere.

    In the words of the late, great Imam as-seyyid AbdelRahman Al-Mahdi, the British soldier came into Sudan in a carriage drawn by Egyptians...

    The British effectively reconquered Sudan in battles led by Kitchener and in which Winston Churchill participated and due to their leadership the British effectively administered Sudan as a British Imperial possession, in spite of the official titles of 'Anglo-Egyptian' rule and the 'Condominium'.

    It was Hussein Kamel and Fuad the 1st who insisted on being recognised as Sultans of 'Egypt' (obviously) 'and Sudan'...

    But this had nothing to back it on the ground...

    And then after 1936 Farouk named himself King of Egypt (obviously) 'and Sudan', although there was nothing to back his claim on the ground in Sudan, and the British never recognised those titles.

    So my Egyptian friends, we Sudanese are loath to be referred to as having been part of a fictional Egyptian Kingdom...

    Egyptian dominium over Sudan ended at the victory of the glorious Mahdist Revolution.

    I know that you are indoctrinated with a different set of facts, but the land and people these facts concern refute all that you have learned in this regard.

    Any 'educated' Egyptian who refers to a Kingdom uniting Egypt and Sudan is laughable to us Sudanese and is as absurd as a Russian who states that Alaska is Russian.


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