Sunday, March 11, 2012

#Virginity Checks : The verdict was already known !!

And so the military court has acquitted that conscript doctor accused of performing virginity checks for girls arrested on March 9th ,2011 !!
It is not a surprise at all for me thanks to the testimonies of the eye witnesses including the eye witnesses Samira’s lawyer brought to support her claim. These eye witnesses’ testimonies contradicted with Samira’s testimony including the testimony of Rasha Abdel Rahman who was with Samira on that day at military prison !!!
Of course one must wonder about the confessions of the SCAF commanders to the media whether the CNN in order not to be accused raping the detainees or the activists like Mona Seif about having those awful tests in the activists meeting with SCAF commanders . Still you must remember that the eye witnesses did not deny having these tests but they said different versions on how it was conducted.
The verdict was somehow expected.
Samira Ibrahim herself did not have faith in the military judiciary to her tweets and her statements and described the whole trial as a play all the time.Nevertheless the feeling that you lost a case is difficult even if you have a little faith. She cried and broke down in the court today.
Samira after the verdict crying
Unfortunately the case of Samira Ibrahim has been exposed to the media to the level now people are wondering if she is honest or not. The girls who were with Samira that bloody day should speak up and support her story. I know there was another girl other than Samira and Rasha , a hairdresser who was the first to speak about the matter. That lady needs to speak about the case.
Today the military court let Egyptian TV channels film inside the court and they even let that doctor Ahmed Adel have his own press conference. From his side Adel is defending himself and saying that he is a doctor who respects his profession and that he was a “sissy” to engage in sexual assault.
I do not know if Adel will sue Samira for defame or not because she should be left alone now.
The final verdict is between the hands of God and it will come in both this life or after lift.

Updated :

Activists Samira Ibrahim, Asmaa Mahfouz , Nawara Negm and Ghada Kamel along with couple of young men “about 15” and 2 other girls are protesting at the ministry of defense.

Ghada Kamal at C28 this morning
Samir and Ghada at MOD from short while ago
Now Dr. Ahmed has spoken to the media and it seems that both he and Samira Ibrahim will be the heroes of our night talk shows tonight. Adel claims that he only asked the girls detained in the case “he criticized their behavior”.
Adel speaking to the media "AP"
He also added that Samira did not recognize in the beginning of the case despite he said his name.
Adel Morsi, the head of military judiciary is defending the military court and is saying that they were not pressed from anybody and that the court reached to this verdict after the contradictions of the eye witnesses’ statements.
Again the whole case when it is reviewed was a mess and Samira Ibrahim needed a real good lawyer from those famous lawyers.
It is worth to mention that the doctors’ syndication has supported Adel in the case.


  1. There is a difference between truth and justice. The later could be manipulated within the rules especially by the powerful. It is normal, and even expected, that the recollection of people of a certain witnessed event would differ. It is also normal the same person would see past events differently over time. Creating holes and contradictions in victim's version of the truth is just that, it doesn't create a contradicting truth.

    Aside from the truth in this case (and I do believe something had happened), the defendant is not the poor conscript acting on orders. If the doctor is found guilty, so will be his higher-ups all the way to the top.

    My heart goes to the female accuser. Her courage is remarkable. Being victimized twice is hard, yet her generation is paying the price and creating the new Egypt.

  2. Samira, have faith, we believe you.


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