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Presidential elections 2012 : Who is endorsing Who “3-11”

Here is a quick summary for who is endorsing who in the political scene in Egypt when it comes to the presidential elections.It will be updated every week ISA. I will keep the position of Muslim brotherhood till the end as part of the suspense.
The presidential Office in Abdeen Palace 
Liberal New Wafd Party declared its endorsement to Mansour Hassan hours after his announcement that he was going to run last Wednesday in a surprise move after their announcement that the famous old liberal party would endorse Amr Moussa. Speculations say that Al Wafd chose Hassan because he is the SCAF and Muslim brotherhood’s candidate. The Al Wafd party’s youth are said to began a revolt against the party’s old leaderships that chose Hassan over Moussa. We will see if this revolt will result in defections or not.
Wafd party comes after Freedom and Justice party and Nour party when it comes to representation in the parliament
Islamist Al Wasat Party has declared its endorsement to potential presidential candidate Mohamed Salim El Awa. It is not a big surprise at all as the party considered him as a godfather. El Awa has secured 11 MPs’ power of attorney already. It is not a new thing as Al Wasat party declared his support to El Awa for months. Al Wasat party got members in the parliament
The Egyptian current party aka El Tayar El Masry party “Youth moderate party” has announced its endorsement to presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh. TM was founded by the defected MB youth who left the brotherhood in the beginning of the revolution including Islam Lotfy , the member of Revolution Youth Coalition. The Egyptian current party got no representative in the parliament
Non partisan moderate Masrena Movement has announced its full endorsement to Abu El Fatouh. The movement founded by Wael Ghonim and Moatez Abdel Fatah along others reached to that decision after surveying the members of the movement.Nearly 70% of the members chose Abu El Fatouh.We are speaking about 10,000 members here.
The Justice and Freedom Youth Movement “Has nothing to do with the Freedom and Justice party” announced their endorsement to Abu El Fatouh as well.
Nasserite El Karma is standing behind its founder Hamdeen Sabhi , the only Nationalist Nasserite candidate in the race so far.
The Muslim brotherhood and its political arm Freedom and Justice party have not decided yet which candidate they are going to endorse and here we are speaking about a critical voting bloc. After a lot of rumors that MB will endorse this or that , the famous group and its party said that it would declare its final position from the presidential candidates after April 8th,2012 when registration is closed and after revising all the presidential programs of the candidate to choose the best.
Still one can speculate that they will not endorse Abu El-Fatouh or Hazem Abu Ismail despite Mohamed Badie, the MB’s supreme guide said they prefer a presidential candidate from Islamist background.
The reasons behind their rejection to Abu El-Fatouh who was once a leading member in the brotherhood needs a separate post but to give a hint , please read the following so-recent quote.
Whoever will elect Abu El Fatouh from the MB’s youth without the brotherhood permission will be fired
Mahmoud Ghozlan, the spokesperson of MB said that on Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr last night.
It is worth to mention that there is online campaign the MB launched among its youth “I am from the brotherhood and I will stick to its decisions”. It is disgusting because I do not understand why grown ups stick to decisions taken by other grown ups without giving a second thought !!
The MB will not support Hazem Abu Ismail  because his ultra-conservative views will damage the image they made for the brotherhood after the revolution as moderate Islamists. The MB has positioned itself in the West now as moderate Islamist compared to the Salafists , the ultra-conservatives.
Now concerning the Salafist Nour party , well it has followed the same steps of MB and is going to wait and revise the candidate and their programs before declaring its position. Needless to say if it were up to their 90% or even 95% of their members they will go for Hazem Abu Ismail.
Hazem Abu Ismail , the famous Salafist Islamist presidential candidate has allegedly secured 3 power of attorney from Al Nour party’s MPs. According to some insiders the party gave its orders to its followers not to give any power of attorney in this stage.
Abu Ismail’s main voters already are the Salafists and the Salafist Front and Dao’a Al Salayfia which are Egypt’s biggest Salafist groups have already announced their support to the famous Ultra-conservative Sheikh.
There are news that Abu Ismail is close from scoring 30,000 power of attorney , I am not surprised as the man got huge popularity thanks to his sheikh status and his religious TV show on the one most popular religious Salafist channels in Egypt. Abu Ismail is known in some remote parts in Egypt more than Abu El Fatouh.
Now this is the first quick look on our political map in Egypt.

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  1. How can anyone see these as free and fair? With 20 days for campaigning (or two months at maximum) only well known candidates can win.

    Egypt should focus on reforming through parliament and streets, not on some silly idols-like contest.


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