Monday, March 12, 2012

Syrian Revolution : Another massacre in Karm EL Zaitoun “+18 Extreme Graphic”

Today we woke up on a terrible massacre that took place in Karm El Zaitoun quarter in Homs , Syria yesterday. I am sorry Syria we are busy in the presidential elections circus. Last night over 100 Syrian have been killed in Homs , Idlib , Aleppo , Damascus and its suburbs
Yesterday there were two massacres in Homs , the biggest one was in Karm El Zaitoun and the second one is in the Jobar area.
Homs : Jobar massacre (+18 Graphic)
The Massacre of Karm El Zaitoun is like a nightmare scene. According to the activists not less than 45 women and child have been slaughtered by reportedly thugs of El Assad regime. The activists are reporting terrible stories on how the women are being raped before they killed.
Karm El Zaitoun and Bab El Sab Massacre
Of course I do not know if they were slaughtered or killed in the shelling yet the footage emerging are more than terrible. “+18 Extremely graphic”
Karm El Zaiton : Children killed “+18 Graphic”
Here is part of Karm El Zaitoun reportedly shelled yesterday.
Homs : Karm EL Zaiton shelled on March 11th
On the other hand the US and NATO know the consequences of interfering militarily in Syria , which is not Libya but all measures , which has not been exhausted like Iraq yet.
The Syrians can end this alone , it will need a lot of faith and sacrifices which they are already presenting already.
Here is a set of terrible extreme photos taken hours after the massacre showing the victims and their families. “It is extremely graphic”
The official Syrian TV claims that these families , these civilians were abducted from their homes and killed by those unknown armed gangs then those gangs filmed them like that in order to accuse Syrian regime in the world of killing its own people. 
Unfortunately there is an extremely anger among Syrians especially the Sunni Syria as this attack happened in Sunni areas in Homs by thugs allegedly coming from Alawi areas , now the Sunnis are attacking the Alawis in Syria and there is even some sort of Facebook campaign. 

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  1. it is a shame how the world is dealing with those massacres like normal daily events!!, we have to move in egypet and all the arab world to stop this owful regime from continuing his killings


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