Saturday, March 10, 2012

Road to Civil State :And less than 12 hours and the official race will be on

At 9 AM Cairo Local time today after few houses potential presidential candidates will start registering their candidacy officially at the high presidential elections commission “HPEC” in Heliopolis.

The potential presidential candidates can officially present their papers and register as candidates from 9 AM March 10th, 2012 till 2 PM April 8th ,2012.The presidential candidate must be an Egyptian whose parents and grandparents are Egyptians and did not have any other passport except the Egyptian. His wife or husband should be Egyptian and does not have any other nationality.

This is the first step in the presidential elections , the second step for every candidate is to secure not less 30 MP’s signature or 30,000 PAs “Power of attorney” from eligible voters in 15 governorates.

The HPEC issued some important rules regarding the campaigns :

  • The presidential campaigns’ budget should not exceed LE 10 million in the first stage of the elections and should not exceed LE 2 million in the runoffs.
  • Egyptian citizens are allowed to donate to the campaigns only , foreigners are not allowed nor companies or agencies whether Egyptian or foreigner.
  • Presidential candidate to deposit their presidential campaigns’ accounts in 3 banks in Egypt chosen by the HPEC
  • The electoral silence will be 2 prior the elections which will be held on May 23rd & 24th

My dear friends Bassem Sabry and Hany Rasmy complied this amazing list of all those potential presidential candidates. Of course if we are speaking seriously only 10 potential presidential candidates from that long list are considered the top and serious ones.

The top ten are with no specific order :

  • Amr Moussa
  • Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh
  • Hazem Saleh Abu Ismail
  • Ahmed Shafik
  • Hamdeen Sabhi
  • Khaled Ali
  • Mansour Hassan
  • Mohamed Salim El Awa
  • Abu El Ezz El Hariri
  • Hisham El Bastiwisi


  1. @Zeinobia -- Bassem Sabry's list has been being copied a lot around news sites, Arabic chat forums, and the blogosphere, sometimes with trivial changes, but without crediting him. Good for you for giving credit.

    By the way, notice that number 4, Mohamed El Naschie, is described as an "engineer". That is correct. And the reason that it is correct is that I corrected Bassem, directing him to my blog. Originally El Naschie was called a "Nanotechnology scientist", which is untrue. El Naschie has never published anything significant about nanotechnology, nor has he ever worked in a nanotechnology lab in the public or private domain. El Naschie is not a nanotechnologist in any sense.

  2. There is a huge battle going on in the comments at Bassem Sabry's list, between defenders of Mohamed El Naschie, and defenders of Ahmed Zewail.


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