Friday, March 9, 2012

#NGOs trial : Faiza Abu Al Naga Defends herself Internationally

Minister of international cooperation/iron lady of Egypt Faiza Abu El Naga has written an Op-Ed in Washington defending herself as well SCAF in front of international community regarding the NGOs trial.

Abu El Naga has been attacked internationally for weeks and she had to fire back. She is still being attacked in foreign and local media. By the way the incident of that former IRI ex-employee who exposed scandals of some unregistered NGO on Dream TV 2 should not be mentioned because I think it is still investigated.

Throughout last week everybody in the government , Muslim brotherhood as well SCAF put the blame on the other but of course the blame is on the SCAF that did not have a real guts to tell the public what really happened to save its dignity.

Amazingly I hear that she is so popular in the ministry of international cooperation as well popular in the diplomatic service !!!

To be honest I am waiting for the memories of this lady.


  1. the mark of real regime change in Egypt will be when Fayza Abul Naga no longer has a government position

    1. Actually, the real change will be when such government positions are canceled altogether.

  2. It is inappropriate to dignify Fayzah with the title 'iron lady' aka Margret Thatcher. Thatcher truly brought Britain forward and contributed to nation building. Fayzah never did. She had billions of foreign aid available and she squandered it. Surprisingly nobody is holding her responsible for being a total failure as minister of international cooperation and planning (what plan btw???)

    I have no doubt that her quarrel with foreign NGO was instigated by SCAF and that this all will finally target the national Egyptian NGOs. Those few foreign ones could have never influenced Egypt's policy. All that ruckus is aiming to maintain the thugocracy of which Fayzah is certainly a part.

  3. It seems that in order to ignite an international conflagration in Egypt is to start a wild rumor. All the NGO's did was funnel money directly to Egyptian organizations to promote democracy instead of giving the money through government offices. How did the NGO's promote destabilizing the entire government? I suppose SCAF came to its' senses when the potential loss of $1 billion in MILITARY funding was almost lost! What SCAF did not care about was the $300 million that went directly to the Egyptian people through wonderful US Aid projects like water for the Sinai.


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