Friday, March 9, 2012

#USembassy Clashes : Let’s pray that nobody gets killed for nothing

There have been clashes from couple of hours ago near the US embassy in Cairo which is couple of blocks away from Tahrir square and I am praying for hours now that nobody get hurt or rather gets killed but actually there are injured. “According to the ministry of health not less than 25 have been injured”
Today morning Egypt’s Glenn Beck aka awful and ignorant TV host Tawfik Okasha brought his supporters “who are also right wing Pro-SCAF Supporters to protest against the US ambassador at the US embassy because of the NGOs case “as if SCAF did not let the NGOs employees leave”.
After few hours of his anti-America protest we find in the news that there were clashes between Tawfik Okasha Pro-SCAF protesters and the anti-SCAF protesters who came from Tahrir square. The two teams hurled rocks at each other and there were injuries in both sides. The army unit at the US embassy then stood between the two teams and according to eye witnesses it protected Okasha and his team. Sooner Okasha and his team left the scene and the army unit soldiers were hurling rocks at the protesters and vice versa for couple of hours.
Daily News Egypt : Clashes with protesters outside US embassy
It was clearly a trap , first Okasha will show up in his stupid TV and will claim that the Tahrir protesters were attacking him for attacking the US embassy in order to prove his conspiracy theories and at the same time SCAF will claim that these protesters were trying to attack the embassy despite it the attack has nothing to do with it.
Now quick facts about the US embassy in Cairo , it is not like the Israeli embassy as it is well secured from inside and outside , it is like a fortress from inside and there are Marines protecting it. Already according to my info the US embassy in Cairo is the biggest embassy for the US in the world so do not be fooled by the Egyptian media or foreign media.
I know the foreign media is scared from another US embassy hostage crisis similar to the one in the Iran especially with the rise of Islamists in Egypt , well I swear it has nothing to do with the embassy not to mention the Islamists in Egypt are actually very US friendly compared to the Iranians. “In fact they are so friendly to the US because of the Iranians”
The Clashes by tweep Aybak Ezz El Din
The US embassy is beside the UK embassy in Cairo and some has noticed that the security in the area was less tight in the past few days. Anyone knows the area or has been there before knows very well how secured this area is. It is protected by the army.
The Ultras Ahlaway officially is not in Tahrir square because its leaders or rather Capos gave orders to its members to attend later Karim Khozam’s memorial service in a Church in Heliopolis , Cairo. “We are not at all any embassy” The UA07 said that online after there were rumors that they are the ones fighting Tawfik Okasha and that army unit at the embassy.
According to many eye witnesses officially UA07 are not spotted in Tahrir square indeed but those young protesters at US embassy hurling rocks at army soldiers chanted for while Ultras songs. Of course Ultras songs now are spread everywhere and youth know them by heart.
Karim Khozam is one of the famous Ultras martyrs that were killed in the Port Said stadium massacre and this is the 40th memorial day. “Yes 40 days have passed and no one is punished for the death of those 75 young men in Port Said”
Almost all the who is who in the Egyptian revolutionary scene is busy either in this Cultural big event in Tahrir square tonight or in presidential elections whether Khaled Ali campaign or the Abu El Fatouh campaign. Even those hardcore protesters whom you find in every protest turned in to a clash have left the area wondering about what was really going on according to their tweets.
Nobody supported this clash and felt it was another trap like the traps or rather clashes in Mohamed Mahmoud and Kasr Al Aini prior the parliamentary elections with its different stages. We will sit and watch out youth get killed and lose their eyes because of Tawfik Okasha for God sake.
Things are quieter there especially that the CSF units have joined the army units there , I hope it continues like that till the morning as tomorrow is a big day in Egypt indeed : The Presidential candidacy registration will start from 9 AM in the country.
I did not plan to write this post but I felt I have to because the media began to twist the truth in Cairo and whenever westerns hear the two words “US embassy” and “Protesters” , the US embassy hostages Iran jumps in to their mind.

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  1. Street fight has nothing to do with guerilla war, revolution or patriotism. It is just a street fight irrespective of the cause. This is a time for cool-headed people and maturity. What benefit would result of this? Young shouldn't be reckless.


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