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Aswan Chronicles : Day Two "Kom Ombo”

You can check my Aswan Chronicles: Day One here.
The following post and its three parts were written on February 9,2012 chronicling my trip in Aswan.

February 9,2012

Heading to Kom Ombo in the early morning, the real early morning, about 7 AM to visit the famous Kom Ombo temple.
It is another Ptolemaic era temple originally dedicated to the ancient Egyptian god  Sobek and his good godbrother Horus as well as the Gods of fertility."Originally for Sobek".

On my way to the temple, I bought a beautiful coconut necklace from the smallest vendor I have seen in Aswan, Yahia.
No one can resist little Yahia.
Yahia and the coconut necklaces

The temple is breathtaking as it has got some of its colours on its walls up till now !!

The colors of Egypt's temple of Kom Ombo  The colours inside the temples are still and can be seen until this day.  The colors of Egypt's temple of Kom Ombo
Damn!! my room could not keep its wall’s colour despite it was painted from a couple of years ago !!
Just enjoy the photo gallery of the photos I took thereafter the break.
P.S I am sorry if the photos are not that good but in the early morning, about 7 AM it was hard to get a good shot.

The Temple of Kom Ombo "February 2012"

Unfortunately, some radical early Christians defaced the ancient Egyptian deities on the columns and the walls. 
According to history, they did that because of the teachings of radical Churchmen. That happened in other ancient temples across in Egypt during that time

Defaced Ancient Egyptian deities at Egypt's temple of Kom Ombo
Yet something survived all those years aside from the colours like this beautiful calendar shows the important dates and feasts in ancient Egypt.

The ancient Egyptian calendar in temple of Kom Ombo

Many of the inscriptions showing Sobek and other ancient deities overseeing the coronation of ancient Egyptian kings like this tableau. "I do not know if that the correct expression"

Ancient Egyptian deity Sobek at Egypt's Kom Ombo temple

There is also that very deep Nilometer in the temple

A Deep Nilometer at Egypt's temple of Kom Ombo

Part of the temple complex was dedicated to the fertility gods in ancient Egypt and women used to go there to give birth.

There were these images or depictions showing the birth process on the temple’s walls.

I feel so so so so sad for not capturing them on camera.

There is a new museum inaugurated by the Aswan Governor on The anniversary of the #Jan25 revolution dedicated to the crocodile and Sobek.

 It is beside the temple. It includes mummies for crocodiles as well as tablets related to Sobek and the offerings presented to it by the kings through all dynasties.

The Crocodile museum in Aswan "February 2012"

 Here is a video clip from the museum
After a few hours, we will head to the magnificent temp of Edfu. 
We had no time to visit the city of Kom Ombo itself unfortunately, we only visited the temple and the museum. 
The Nile looks amazing.
Nile Islands in Aswan
  A Nile Island in Aswan
 Next part is about the Temple of Edfu so wait for the second part of day two.


  1. @Zeinobia, it's nice to talk about the temple complex, but please, why don't you talk more about the Nubian people and about the injustices they suffered because of the High Dam. ;)

    1. Reasonable, valid question that remains unanswered - what does that tell you?

  2. Continue to disrespect and ignore the Nubian people but they (we) will never, ever forget the wrong done to us by the Egyptian State that are justified by apologists like yourself.
    kaCIρΓI kaCЄλ MaλЄ OΓIδMoyN

  3. I do not understand the relation between a trip to Aswan and the so called " ignore the Nubian people"!!!.is it better to politicize every issue apart from it's basic logic?!. Needless to say some are manipulating a just cause like the " Nubian people" demands to keep it as a hot issue to pressure nationally and- may be- internationally. For those I would say keep alert for integrating Nubians into the national stream rather tha disintegrating them..

    1. You don't understand the relation between a trip to Aswan and posts by a political blogger who says 'nothing' about the Nubian people?

      Marginalisation is only political at the top, but at yours and Zeinobia's level, at the grassroots it is based on pure ignorance.

      Integrate Nubians into the national stream..?


      Recognising them and their history would be a good first step if only your minds were dynamic enough and your consciences not compromised by partiality, apologism and chavisinism.

  4. Egypt, Sudan and Libya should consider granting independence and self-determination to those parts of their territory traditionally Nubian, including Aswan, Halayeb and parts of Cirenaica. A new, free Nubian nation! Of course the Democratic Republic of Nubia (or whatever it would be called) must have the High Dam, which is on land stolen from the Nubians. ;)

  5. Many thanks for these great pics Zeinobia.


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