Thursday, March 8, 2012

#IWD : Happy International Woman Day

Today is March 8th , the International women Day. Today hundreds of Egyptian women are marching from the Syndication of journalists to the Egyptian Parliament demanding one main demand : 50% representation in the constitution assembly. There is a second demand which is to leave the family and personnel laws alone.
Hundreds of Egyptian women are marching and chanting chants like “The woman’s voice is a revolution” and “Do not say that these are Suzanne’s laws as they are human rights laws”.
By Engy Ghozlan
There are men who are also participating in the march whether as a protesters and supporters or as protection. There are men who formed this cordon around the march to protect it.
By Engy Ghozlan
From a year ago a group of Egyptian women tried to have a march in Tahrir square but they were attacked and harassed , this year up till now things seemed to be better.
The Mina Daniel flag has reached to Tahrir square already.
By Bel Trew 
Here is a clip showing the protest standing at the Syndication of journalists’ staircases , the same staircases women were sexually harassed by thugs and security forces in 2005. The clip below is filmed by my dear friend Waleed.

The Egyptian women made headlines throughout the year , she was there in the ups and downs , she was there on the front since day one. She was subjected to disgusting virginity tests that she exposed to the whole world. She was shot in her eye in the clashes and was dragged and stripped from her clothes in front of the country by the same soldiers that swore on protecting her. Here is a photo of Samira Ibrahim and Mona El Tahawy who made headlines yesterday.
Samira Ibrahim and Mona El Tahawy by Mona El Tahawy
Now at the same time Egyptian women are marching to their parliament demanding to be represented in the constitutional assembly , the Kuwaiti women are marching to the parliament to defend their laws against the conservative Islamists.
Wait for more coverage.


  1. Faithful reader3/08/2012 10:59:00 PM

    Happy International Woman day to you, keep up the good work!

  2. Dear Zenobia,

    Please stop the propaganda for this fake "Mona Al Tahawi" , I hope you can link to some sites that expose her, she started her road to fame by visiting Israel and working with its major newspaper which helped her to get accepted in the US and of course get the "gloriuous" American citizenship.
    An example of those happily living abroad who jumped in the wagon of the poor "revolution" and became revolutionaries overnight. May Allah bless the souls of our martyrs and help our injured.

  3. To follow up on the previous comment, please check this link:


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