Thursday, March 15, 2012

#UA07_March : The Ultras anger that paralyzed Cairo

If you are wondering what caused the traffic in Cairo especially in Downtown area to be such a pain today , well the reason is the Ultras huge march to the public prosecutor office since early.
At the entrance sixth of October bridge "Mohamed Ruby"
On sixth of October bridge by Sherin T
Thousands of Ultras Ahlaway fans are marching to the office of the public prosecutor at the cessation court Downtown Cairo along with the families of the martyrs of the Port Said stadium massacre demanding justice for the victims of the massacre.
In Zamalek By Rou Tarabishy
At Ahly Club By Omar Abu Yazeed
Now the Ultras Ahlaway aka UA07 has announced that they will start a sit in at the Cessation court till the retribution for the victims. It is expected that Ultras White Knights “Zamalek SC” and Ultras Ismaili “Ismaili SC” to join the sit in.
By Egyptianaya
Here is a video clip showing the march earlier today.
UA07 March Downtown Cairo
Yesterday late night the public prosecutor ordered the detention of Port Said security officials along some officials from El Masry Club as well leading members of El Masry Club and Ahly Club Ultras groups. The public prosecutor had ordered the detention of 3 leading members of Ahly Club from couple of days ago and the answer of Ultras Ahlaway members to the police was “Come and get them from the protest on Thursday if you are men !!”

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