Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#RIP Amina , you are not the first nor the last

Amina Lehassan , a 16 years Moroccan girl raped by some asshole bastard in Tangier when she was 15 years old after she was abducted from the street. She feared to tell her mom for two months. When her mom told the Royal Gendarmerie “The police” and they told her that the case was referred to the Royal Prosecutor  in Tangier.
The Royal prosecutor ruled out that Amina should marry her rapist to hide this scandal !! Ironically the rapist and the family refused first but they agreed in the end in return of not paying a dowry. There was no wedding or anything for the little girl who just celebrated her 16th birthday.
For about 5 months Amina lived in hell at her husband/rapist house , she suffered from ill treatment and constant beating. Amina tried to leave her rapist hubby’s house but her mom used to tell her that she should not leave her hubby’s house !! Amina went to the police beaten asking for help but they told her to ask for the help of the Royal Prosecutor “Who forced her in to that marriage in the first place” and to bring a medical report for her condition. The police did not help thus Amina began to think about plan to grab the people’s attention.
While she was out with her rapist hubby in the market, she took poisonous pills used to kill mice. She fainted at the market , her hubby left her as expected to die. The police came and ordered an ambulance but it was too late. Amina died.
Her parents say that she did not intend to kill herself but she wanted help according to the police that talked to the poor dying girl.
This is in nutshell the story behind that famous #RIPAmina hashtag suddenly appeared among all the political hashtags n the Arab region.
The suicide of Amina is causing a lot of controversy in Morocco , many Moroccan from what I see online whether on twitter of FB or Moroccan websites are extremely for her death and her forced marriage.
The minister of family and solidarity Basima Hakaawy commented on the incident saying that it is time to deal with the matter attributing the matter to family’s honor and how families accept that sort of dirty settlement. Well madam minister the problem is not only in the families but as in the royal prosecutor of Tangier !! 
Amina Lehassan May Allah bless her soul is not the first nor the last Arab girl to be forced to marry her rapist in the Arab world.
Marrying the rapist for fear the scandal was and has been the easiest dirty solution in front of Arab families as well the lazy police force that does not want to do its job or even worse a police force that thinks it is the mistake of the girl !!!!
Marrying the rapist is actually a punishment to the girl and to the woman and yet in our Arab world some families think that it is better than scandal !! Well I hope the family of Amina and that judge are happy now.
I wonder how many girl suffered because of that judge , in fact I wonder about his judgment and his past rules not only involving raped girls but all humans in general !!!  
RIP Amina , you will not be the first nor the last.
Updated :
So I have just known that there is a Turkish TV series called "Fatimah" where Fatimah, the heroine is raped by 4 young men and she is forced to marry one of them !! The girls in Egypt and the Arab world like the guy who raped and married Fatimah coz he is cute , they even feel sorry for him !!
Of course in the end he will turn out to be innocent from her rape but they do not know this yet !! Oh yes this is spoiler , I am speaking here about the principle itself.


  1. بصراحه هى قصه مؤسفه تبين مدى ضحالة الفكر فى بلادنا التى تصر على إعتبار المجنى عليها فى جرائم الإغتصاب عار على أهلها يجب أن نداريه بتزويجها من الجانى ,فيتم عقابها مرتين الأولى باغتصابها والثانيه بعقابها بالزواج من الفاعل لترى مأساتها يوميا ,لابد من عقاب صارم على المغتصب وإحترام حق المرأه المغتصبه فى مواصلة حياتها الطبيعيه

  2. Zeinobia, thank you for this post and explanation of the story behind what happened to young Amina. What a harsh, cruel, misogynist punishment that judge perpetrated on that child. I don't understand how the judge could do that - I don't understand her mother - how is it that culture can sever maternal feelings from her child's welfare in that way?

    So tragic.

    I'm so glad that people in Morocco and the Arab world are talking about Amina's plight and premature, although understandable, death - I do so hope it causes both men and women to think about women as half the human race, not some possession to be treated in such a horrific way.

    I love the middle east - the history, the beauty, the intelligence, the mystique that once reigned in your exotic region is fabulous - I truly hope your people can come back to the grandeur and ethical position your middle eastern traditions once held. It is people like you Zeinobia, strong, resilient, courageous people who are willing to speak out and up about these atrocities that will create the tipping point for change to a better life for all.

  3. Nothing will change a male dominated culture unless society stops glorifying males over females, and that is the responsibility of government, religious authorities and family unit.
    Good article Z.

  4. We men certainly have a lot to hang our heads in shame over.
    Shameful destruction of a person. No protection from the Law or Police. No Justice.

  5. "I truly hope your people can come back to the grandeur and ethical position your middle eastern traditions once held."

    There is nothing to go back to. In the history of Middle East social justice has never happened. Although one could say Middle East once was in fore-front of social justice and sciences at global scale, but west has overtaken the gap longtime ago and is now further.

    Instead Middle East should steadily progress towards greater social justice, the exact thing Arab Spring is about. For succeeding in such a landmark victory I'd like to point out an excellent post: "Islam Needs Another Revolution" -The Big Pharaoh

  6. Let's avoid jumping to conclusions. The judge knows the facts of the case, and we don't. Perhaps Amina flirted with the man, or dressed immodestly.

    1. This disgusts me. Are you seriously justifying the rape of a 16 year old girl, or any woman for that matter, because of the way she dresses or acts?

    2. If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard, and the cats come and eat it... is it the fault of the cats, or of the uncovered meat? The uncovered meat is the problem. Perhaps if Amina Lehassan was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred. The responsibility falls 90 per cent of the time on the woman. Why? Because she possesses the weapon of enticement (igraa). I am not saying that is what happened, I am just saying to keep an open mind.

  7. And if someone puts a misogynist douche in front of me I would really wanna beat the living shit out of him.....
    Funny that we never heard those blame the victim for her clothing bullshit was heard by Jason on the case of Lara Logan. But that was a white girl, they allmost count more in little Jasons racist world.

  8. I'm just jerking your chain, Anonymous. I'm not really a misogynist douche. I cribbed my rant from Australian imam Taj El-Din Hilaly. There were a lot of newspaper stories about it in 2006.

    1. You got me pretty heated there for a second, but it's amazing how many people think this way. What's even more amazing is that uncovered meat argument. Not only does it forgive rapers for their actions, it also manages to literally equate women to pieces of meat.


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