Tuesday, March 13, 2012

#Syrian Revolution : The Mujahedeen From Egypt and Saudi Arabia

This video is spreading throughout Facebook like fire specially in the Conservative Salafist page and it is receiving a lot of “Likes”

The arrival of the Saudi and Egyptian Mujahedeen to Syria to join the FSA !!

When I saw that video allegedly shot in El Rastan , Homs earlier I freaked out because honestly I feel that we are re-watching Afghanistan two especially with all the sectarian talk and Salafist enthusiasm aside of the American and Gulf support.

This video shot allegedly in Rastan, Homs showing a commander of FSA unit called Gassar addressing the public and claiming that there are allegedly Egyptian and Saudi Mujahedeen who joined the Free Syrian army !! Of course we do not see any Egyptians or Saudis. Side note :  it seems that the area where they shot the video was liberated from El Assad regime completely.
Of course what is more disturbing than the claim of that defected army officer is how the people in that area are swearing to sacrifice him with blood and soul !!!  That culture is still there !!

In past months you would find some silly rumors on twitter and Salafist FB pages that over 1000 Saudi fighter had crossed the borders and are going to liberate Syria.

Already I will not buy for one minute that the Freedom fighters of Libya “who  are fighting each other now” are going to fight and win El Assad army because simply El Assad army is not Qaddafi militias nor Syria is Libya if we are going to speak about fundamental military facts even I who did no study in military academies !!! 

These rumors are dangerous because El Assad regime will use them in order to prove that there are foreign parties involved in the revolution. “Ask us about foreign agents !!??”

On the other hand 12 Egyptians were arrested in Syria and the Egyptian charge d’ affairs is currently working to deport them safely to Cairo. These Egyptians were reportedly entered Syria illegally to find work according to the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs report.

Endless to say after the horrible massacre of Karm El Zaitoun the sectarian hate between the Sunni and Alawis hit the ceiling and El Assad got what he wants. There can be sectarian cleansing literally in Syria if the wise and true patriot in this country take the lead and save this multi-sects nation. “I still have faith but from my talks with Syrians I fear that there will be a sectarian cleansing in this nation targeting Alawis than Shiites sooner or later because of the massacres in the Sunni populated areas”

Today Mouard Mowafi has headed to Saudi Arabia in an urgent visit to discuss Syria’s updates meanwhile US general Ronald Burgess , the Defense Intelligence Agency director arrived on Tuesday to Cairo and had talks with our generals. Some say that it has to do with Egyptian American relations but I will dare and say that it has to do with Egyptian American Syrian relations.

It is like Libya Déjà vu but in much more complicated context.

The United states will not intervene along with the NATO and save the Syrians now as some believe because this is the year of the elections and again there is oil in Libya and Israel said it clearly that it fear an Islamist state in Syria and it wants someone peaceful tempted like El Assad and his regime.


  1. Although Assad is a butcher and a despot, you get the feeling that things would be much worse if he is removed from power. Just like Libya.

    1. No one who knows anything about Libya would say that things are worse there now.

  2. Sudanese Commentator3/13/2012 11:40:00 PM

    For once I agree with you.

    I think the Sectarian antagonism is being fuelled to isolate and provoke Iran and galvanise regional public opinion against it.

    This is completely different and much more complex than the Libyan scenario.

  3. Now All parties know that the Asaad is falling, and they want to control the next regime, especially, neighboring saudi arabia and the USA
    so they will intervene sooner or later

    Israel tried to protect Asaad but as they dont want an islamic state "it will be 27w'ani one", they dont want a failed where a Syrian "Hamas" get formed using the vacuum and arms left by the regime

    And unfortunately, yes, there will be ethnic cleansing, but i expect it to be minor one.

  4. Now All parties know that the Asaad is falling, and they want to control the next regime, especially, neighboring saudi arabia and the USA
    so they will intervene sooner or later

    Israel tried to protect Asaad but as they dont want an islamic state "it will be 27w'ani one", they dont want a failed where a Syrian "Hamas" get formed using the vacuum and arms left by the regime

    And unfortunately, yes, there will be ethnic cleansing, but i expect it to be minor one.

    1. @mohameed amir -- "Israel tried to protect Asaad" is perhaps the stupidest thing I have ever read on Egyptian Chronicles, and that's saying something.

    2. I think you should check the Israeli officials statements and Israeli politicians views and concerns about pre-El Assad rule.
      They do not love him but he is better than true Islamist nationalist on borders

    3. About Israel's position:

      "Barak: Assad's Downfall Would be a 'Blessing'
      Defense Minister Ehud Barak: Assad's rule is coming to an end. It would be a blow to Iran and Hizbullah."


      I agree that Israel is sending a confusing messages about this, mainly because Israel is really confused...
      This blog seems to lose all common sense when it comes to Israel (and US for that matter), in most cases there is no grand master evil plan, just plain confusion, distrust and lack of understanding.

  5. I don't understand. Why is it Ok to overthrow Mubarak, Ben Ali & Salehi but not Assad or Quaddafi? Before Mubarak went some people said that it would be better to keep him because you would end up with religious sectarianism. And still might.

    One of the reasons, Mubarak stepped down, is US pressure. US has said Assad should go but China,Russia & Iran have said he should stay. Maybe will remain because these countries want him still. But more likely he is finished because even many Alawites & Kurds can't stand him just like many Copts were fed up with Mubarak.

    Even though, Iran, China, Russia, Israel & maybe even Egypt want Assad to stay, I don't think he can because his people don't want him and I think they have some say in this question. If they want him to go he should go and stop killing his fellow muslims,
    even if the whole world wants Assad to stay. If he allowed a free vote tommorrow the Syrian Baath would be gone and a new MB gov't would be in place like in Egypt.

    1. Dear Pirooz Mubarak did not leave because of US pressure , plz check the American position since the beginning of the revolution
      What made the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions manage to get rid from its rulers is the short time , the surprise factor more than can anything.

    2. Dear Z

      My mistake. I thought it was being said that some dictators are fine & need to stay even though the people don't want them.

      It doesn't matter that Iranian dictatorship & Israel both want Assad to stay. Isn't it more important what the people want.

      I don't see them stopping their struggle against Assad. Many of them feel, he will kill them any way. So you can try telling them, maybe they should stop rebelling but there is little chance they will do that.

      Anyway, Syrian Army will not stop its offensive so the people have no choice ,with or without help. They have to flee or resist. Now there are mines being laid on the border, they only have one option.

      There are many reasons why Mubarak left. He is old.
      The US and the military dropped their support of Mubarak in the end. Think if the Egyptian military would have acted like the Syrian. And most important and the main reason , the Egyptian people didn't want him. Same as Assad, Quaddafi,Khamenei,and all the other dictators nobody voted for but who cling to power for 30-40 yrs.

      I think its a new political reality. Dictatorships are going to become more difficult to sustain in the 21st century. Fewer & fewer countries will want to be associated with them.

  6. I agree with you that while they now massacre Sunnis the majority of country, soon enough as the Sunnis get in power they start to eradicate Alawites. It's the way it is, Assad has built his regime on sectarian aspect.

    "...things would be much worse if he is removed from power."

    Well no. In short term yes, but on a longer term nations tend to calm down as the majority gets the power again. It's the bitter medicine Syria must go through, Assad's has made sure there is no other exists.

    "Just like Libya."

    Libya was a sort of success, their new election laws are the most liberal of Arab states. With guarenteed 38% or something for women. Militias or "freedom fighters" are slowly but surely moved to ranks of local authority as the local elections proceeds further.

    I wouldn't be amazed if Libya gets more stable country faster than Egypt. Libyan revolution empowered the people rather than loyalist army like in Egypt.

    There sure are bad apples among Libyan fighters, but the fact is they couldn't rule the country. The large cross-section of population still has guns and they keep the bad apples from ruling.

  7. Let's get one thing clear:

    Straight to the point: Shi'ites, Alawites, Wahabiah, Salafia they all are deviations from what Islam is: the most powerful but peaceful and tolerant religion.

    Cleansing is unavoidable because those are blind fanatics who are not willing to tolerate opinions of others. For them there is no common ground beside from their way of defining Islam.

    1. So who is on the straight path? if you dont know study quran and sunnah.. read what our beloved prophet had to say of the saved sect( firqah al najiyah)... salam

  8. Come on Z, since when is the West acting against Israels interests? Syria is the only ally to Iran and the Hisbollah in the region and so it is at least supporting the struggle against Israel unlike the rest of all Arabs. Any other direct confrontation would have been a suicide for Syria, or do you want Egypt to attack Israel tomorrow?

    Please stop believing Qatari and Saudi Media (Jazeera & Arabia), which dont care at all about democracy in their own countries.

    There ARE foreign fighters and agents in Syria, while Syrian "rebels" are being trained and provided with weapons by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and the West. Qatar did the same in Libya and "invested" 400 Million Dollars there! And you all call it a "Revolution"!

    You can’t just follow the logic "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" and consider any insurgent as legit revolutionist, even less when he is backed up by foreign countries. The armed gangs are committing the same war crimes as Assads regime, while hiding between civilians and taking them as human shields or terrorizing and killing them. Even the normally anti-Assad biased german newspaper "Die Welt" wrote about that:


    This can only end up in a civil war.

    Of course Assad is a dictator, who made many faults but he simply CANT let the country fall in the hands of some foreign backed armed gangs. NO LEADER IN THE WORLD WOULD DO THIS! This ARMED "rebells" are giving Assad absolutely the right to take decisive action and are bearing part of the blame.
    Assad made already the only right steps he could do with the new constitution and the upcoming elections, which he possibly could even win, because of those stupid "rebels" who lost many sympathies in the country. And by the way this would be democracy, which neither the West nor the armed gangs and many others would accept.

    And why are you all blaming Assad to be behind this sectarian hate? Most Ministers in Assads Cabinet are Sunnis! None other than the West are playing the sectarian card with their "New Middle East Project” to divide the Middle East in many smaller countries to ensure Israels dominant position in the region.


    Just two days ago a Shiite Imam was murdered by a North African Sunni/ Salafist or whatever in Bruxelles because of this whole conflict and of course you all will still blame Assad for it.

    Salam. Y

    1. > since when is the West acting against Israels interests?

      Well, Israel clearly didnt want Mubarak to go down, and nevertheless the USA stopped supporting Mubarak, and he went down.

  9. I hope Saudi Arabia will have great leaders that will also listen to what the people would say and respect and serve them as well.


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