Monday, March 5, 2012

We Should be very worried now about #Libya , So worried

This disgusting video below shows a group of African prisoners from workers according to the one who uploaded it. The African Prisoners are put in animal cages and forces to eat to the animal flags aside from disgusting racial insults.

Updated :

Thanks dear to Andy Carvin and Green Revolution I was shocked to know that these prisoners are not foreign Africans but rather dark skinned Libyans from the Taawargha area !!! Oh God I am speechless !!

African prisoners in zoo cages and eat Libyan flag

There is no justification what so ever for this disgusting action. Already some of you know that I have this website dedicated to the Egyptian POWs case and I have followed the POWs in military conflicts for years so this scene makes me shiver !!  It is against all my beliefs as a human , as a Muslim and as an Arab and African. This is against Islam teachings so I do not know what kind of Islamist militias are truly there if they treat their POWs like that !! May God damn who ever did this for real !!

Unfortunately we should not be surprised because the world has kept its eyes shut for months on the treatment of the POWs there. To be honest also of us kept their eyes shut because we believed that this is a revenge from years of oppression and torture but we were wrong , there is no excuse.

Of course this is the most shocking video that emerged this week from Libya , the second shocking video is the attack on the WWII commonwealth Soldiers cemeteries at Benghazi. Two cemeteries were vandalized , one for the Canadian soldiers and the other for the British soldiers , I think the one below is for the British soldiers’ cemetery

Benghazi : Desecration of Benghazi war graves

This is a discretion of cemeteries and it is clearly prohibited in Islam so I do not know how dare those thugs cheer or feel happy. This is a desecration and if they did not want these cemeteries then they should ask the British and Canadian governments to take their soldiers remains for God sake if they are annoying them. Anyhow the Cemeteries will be restored according to the Commonwealth grave committee.  

Already this did not happen in time of Qaddafi when UK and EU were imposing sanctions , what is going on there !!!?? I know that decades of Qaddafi rule will affect generations and generations but not in that way.

Before you wonder where the NTC government in Libya is from all this , please read this Reuters report. Of course if you have followed what has been taken in Libya for months now and you knew that the armed militias are roaming the country and refuse to enroll in one united army , you will guess that was coming all the way.

Already according to Libyan Facebook pages Tripoli itself is being controlled by some militia from Zentan and you can imagine the comments from Libyans in these pages attacking tribes and areas , very few are calling Libyans for unity and to overcome their differences.

Back to the Libyan army for the past months I have read reports coming from their that the NATO has allegedly destroyed the mortars and the rockets arsenal of the country , I am also reading about problems facing the Libyan air forces. Of course this is aside from tribalism. 

Libya is not ready for federations , this is extremely dangerous and I hope to know what the LAS thinks about this , in fact I wonder what the wise and patriot Libyans think about this.

Unfortunately when I remember it now , some real national security expert in Egypt warned from this. I think the Islamists and all other political powers in Libya have failed so far unfortunately. The legacy of Qaddafi is too deep and unfortunately the Libyan and true Islamic identity can not bring this nation with great potentials.

Those thousands who have been killed in that war for freedom and ending the rule of Qaddafi crazy dynasty did not want this to happen !!

I am thinking now that Libya needs a new leadership that can bring together this nation , someone like Sheikh Omar El Mokhtar who is not resting in his grave for real , yes a leader aside from all that fancy anarchic revolutionary talk. I know people are afraid from another Qaddafi ,well what I see now that some Libyans are replacing Qaddafi by several Qaddafis in their own ways !!

The problem now just like in Iraq this spilt in Libya will make some believe that the rule of Qaddafi was much better despite that what is taking place is the result of his policies whether social or cultural or political or discriminatory just like in Iraq. You got that trade off between dictatorship along with fake stability and freedom associated with unfortunate chaos.

There is no doubt that all the dictatorships in the region including Syria , Algeria and the Gulf States as well will use the Libyan example as a role model on how international intervention and revolutions spilt countries like that. This is why I fear on Syria with all its rich ethnic and religious diversity from a similar fate with the international intervention and the religious extremism of the Free Syrian Army.

I hope that some where in our national security intelligence agencies some group of men are following what is taking place in Libya from changes and are planning for several plans for Egypt’s national security in the future when it comes to our Western neighbor.

Speaking about Libya and Egypt , I think the members of parliament should demand a detail report about the Egyptians missing in the Libyan revolution not to mention we need to know how the Egyptians are doing there with all these clashes.

The National security committee should demand a detailed report about Libya from both the Intelligence and ministry of foreign affairs.


  1. Sudanese Observer3/06/2012 12:48:00 AM

    Commendable post, but why have you chosen to remain silent over how Egypt has treated its African Nubians, even after visiting Aswan and the reason for their misery - the High Dam?

    Why have you never raised the issue of the Sudanese civil society activists from Halayeb who are political detainees of Egypt both pre and POST revolution!

    We posted re: this issue and it was ignored, as usual, here is the list of detainees again:

    5 Halayeb civil society activists have died whilst being incarcerated by Egyptian security forces, most notably the former head of Halayeb Council Al-Taher Muhammad Hasaay who was just 40 yeaars old and was tortured so badly he needed an operation which was carried out in the Cairo hospital where he died.

    Is this excusable Zeinobia?
    Or does he not deserve a post like Khalid...???

    Taher Muhammad Hasaay, Al-Taher's brother who is continually incarcerated and set free,

    Muhammad Eissa Saeed who has been incarcerated without trial for the past 6 years,

    Hashim Othman who has been incarcerated without trial for the past 2 years,

    Muhammad Saleem 5 years,

    Ali Eissa Abu Eissa 5 years,

    Hashim Othman 2 years,

    Muhammad Tahir Muhammad Saleh 2 years and there are others.

    1. Dear Sudanese Observer

      I have only gone to Aswan trying to rest for two days after a whole year of a work load you can't imagine since January 25,2011 so please forgive me if I did not write about 2000 piece that satisfy your thoughts and beliefs. I did not go on a press mission my dear so I can write a real detailed report about Aswan and Nubia

      I know you do not like me as an Egyptian to speak about Aswan as Egyptian land.

      Regarding the Halayeb human rights cases well unfortunately due to the faraway distance , Security control there and the fact that our human rights organizations do not have enough resources , they do not know about these cases.

      Human rights organization in Cairo already can't find time and money so easily to follow cases in other governorates and this is a fact. May be if that info reached to the human rights organizations in Egypt just like it reaches to Sudanese websites the human rights organizations can raise the topic in time

      About Khaled Said well you must know we would have known about him if Ayman Nour did not speak about the case in his daily column in Al Dostor newspaper

    2. And 1000 times no one has the right to tell me what I should write in my blog , please understand this fact

    3. Sudanese Observer3/06/2012 06:18:00 PM

      Of course no one has the right to 'tell you what to write in your blog' but when you write with a moralistic tone, which you do, and allow people to post comments then you should accept the comments that people post, or else censor them.

      It is absolutely absurd to write about Aswan without writing about its people the Nubians.

      And it is insulting to go to Aswan, write about the dam, mention its merits and the 'man who died constructing it' whilst not mentioning the grave and great injustice that was done to the indigenous people...!!!
      Another commentator, a non-Sudanese commentator, stated the exact same thing...

      And when did myself or anyone of my colleagues say Aswan was not Egyptian? Aswan is in Egypt and delineates the Egyptian quarter of Nubia, with the other 3/4 being present in Sudan.

      Illegally occupied Halayeb is another issue altogether.

      I'm sorry but I don't buy the excuses about the 'lack of resources' which constrain Egyptian Human Rights organisations from covering Sudanese detainees from Halayeb, but do not constrain them from covering Syrian or Palestinian detainees in Egypt or abroad...

      The same mentality that legitimates going to Aswan, writing about it and not mentioning the Nubians once is the same mentality that 'ignores' Sudanese civil society activists who are political detainees in Egypt.

      When the Spring returns to Sudan (after the first one in the Arabic speaking world in 1964 and 1985) prepare yourselves for a very different type of dialogue from the Sudanese.

  2. Islam religion of peace??????????????????

    1. Well Serbians did horrors in Bosnia, no one said that they are Christians

    2. I have not seen Serbs screaming Jesus akbar while destroying graves.

    3. Did you see the Papal blessings of the actions of the Nazis and the Papal decree that non-white people had no soul and could therefore be acquired into bondage and 'saved' and 'civilised'?

  3. It is worrying because some Libyans have very short memories and don't remember that not long ago it could have been them having to eat their flag(and worse) by Quaddaffis militias. Most are aware of the problem and hopefully will do something about it. Its racism pure & simple. Which is an issue everywhere inc. the muslim world. The Libyans I know think this kind of behaviour is garbage. And they do know about it.

  4. Sudanese Optimist3/07/2012 04:36:00 AM

    I got death threats on an Al-Jazeera message board from Sub-Saharan Africans when I called Qadhafi a despot and tyrant...

    There is absolutely no excuse for the mistreatment meted out on these African migrants but it is Qadhafi who used them as pawns...

    He allowed them into Libya in droves and then used them as a threat / guarantee of strategic ties with the European Union regarding immigration of Sub-Saharan Africans into the EU.

    Then when the uprising occurred he forced those militias he had armed to fight against the Libyan people and this is precisely what the Justice and Equality Movement of Darfur whose leader Dr Khalil Ibrahim (an ethnic African Zaghawa like Idris Deby the President of Chad) was based in Libya did...

    They fought battles with the free Libyans...

    Once again common black Africans were being used as pawns...

    And whilst Qadhafi called his own people rats and cockroaches to be crushed, he awarded Khalil Ibrahim with copious gold bullion and hundreds of thousands of US dollars with a promise by the latter to protect those members of Qadhafi's family who were based outside Libya...

    Ultimately, common black Africans in Libya are unfairly paying the price...

  5. Salam Z
    I really like your blog a lot when it comes to the Egyptian Revolution but i never understood your opinion about Libya and Syria. How could you compare the so called Libyan "Revolution" to ours, when it took over half a year to topple Gaddafi only by bombing the Libyan people by FOREIGN countries? Do you really think that thats a Revolution?
    We were all loughing first when Gaddafi claimed that those rebbels are built up by Al-Qaida and foreign forces and agents, as we thought that he was trying to play the same card which Ben Ali and Mubarak tried to play before. But unfortunately The NATO and people like Abdelhakim Belhadj proved us wrong.
    In my eyes the Libyan Revolution lost its legitimacy when it became violently and unfortunately it was violently from the beginning. The same goes for the Syrian Revolution. It is proven that there are Lybian and other foreign fighters and agents in Syria to coordinate the armed bands and the "Free Syrian Army", which gives the Syrian Regime absolutely the right to fight against this gangs that also murdered so many civilians and soldiers. ANY COUNTRY WOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THIS or do you want us to fight SCAF, after commiting all those massacres of the last year, with weapons along with Libyan fighters and Qatari mercenaries?
    All those Revolutions have to be PEACEFULLY, because only then the regime loses its legitimacy to fight back and any crime by the regime would turn the whole people against them. But right now i think most Syrian people are on Assads side, because nobody needs this insecurity with suicide-bombings, etc etc. You cant fight injustice with injustice and build a new nation on this basis. The result will allways be chaos and maybe even worse than before as you see in Libya. Nobody needs a revolution just for the revolutions sake. Khosara for the blood of all this young people.
    And even if the majority was against Assad and managed to topple him by force, Syria would turn into civil war just like Libya now. I really wonder that you didnt know about this whole chaos in Libya. Its so sad, while the UNELECTED NTC-traitors selled the whole country to the West..
    Bye. Y

    1. As if Gaddafi hadn't sold Libya to the west, as if American, Italian, Spanish and French companies weren't the major players in Libya's petroleum industry during Gaddafi's time...
      People spew so much ignorance.

  6. Its hard to say what would have happened if Mubarak hadn't stepped down. Lucky he did or was forced to by the military.
    This is not happening in Syria. The protests were peaceful for months in Libya & Syria while people were being killed. Assad is nothing but a killing machine, as was Quaddafi.Its difficult to tell people not to defend themselves. Yes Peaceful Protest is the way but it can also be impossible at times.

    After 40 years during which most were afraid to say the slightest thing against dictators. Don't divide Egyptians, Libyans,Tunisians, Syrians, Yemenis, Bahrainis. The people all want & deserve the same things. Egypt is still owned by Egyptians.

  7. @ Anonymous & pirooz:
    The Libyan oil industry was, different to most other countries, nationalized while leaders like Berlusconi had to beg for some oil-contracts and that to very hard conditions. Guess who is now setting any conditions. Definetly not some NTC-puppets.
    If you still think the NATO/ US/ EU/ UN allways want the best for our people instead of acting only for their and Israels interests, than you have to wake up my friend. The Libyan people will never benefit again from its oil like before. Just look to the poor people of rich Iraq!
    Even if Gaddafi was a dictator, the people of Libya were living a very comfortable life compared with countries like Tunisia or Egypt. Thats why the revolution there has never been a social one like ours, but rather a mostly orchestrated one..

    And who said that those revolutions were peacefully at the beginning? Both revolutions were infiltrated from the beginning by the West along with western puppets like Qatar and Turkey. You allready forgot how they first "freed" Benghazy by force? Go and "free" any city in this world from its army and you will see what will hapen to you. Egyptians didnt even get to the interior ministry... When will people learn not to trust the mass media anymore? For example there has not been A SINGLE proof that Gaddafi bombed his people with aerial attacks as they claimed. Even the NTC commited that they were exaggerating things to manipulate the public view.

    @ Z:
    You wrote before that Israel is interested in Assad to stay. Sorry but that is totally wrong. Syria is an important ally to Iran and the Hisbollah and i think thats the main issue of the whole conflict. Thats why the West, the Gulf-states and Israel are playing a big role in this game, in which our youth is dying for their geostrategic interests. Once again: Nobody needs a revolution just for the revolutions sake. We need a PEACEFULL solution to avert a civil war and complete chaos.
    Syria allready changed its constitution with the referendum in a way the people of the Gulf countries can only dream about. Its so rediciolous how the gulf-monarchies are calling for democracy in Libya and Syria while oppressing their own people. I cant even understand how Egypt after the revolution remains in the Arab League just like this without demanding for democratic change in the arab world as if nothing had happened. We are really betraying our revolution and the whole Arab spring thereby. If they continue to steal the revolution that way, our martyrs will have died in vain.

    Salam. Y

    1. Let's let the Libyans speak for themselves in terms of how socio-economically fairly they were treated by the deranged, bloody dictator.

      Western companies dominated Libya's petroleum industry during Qaddafi's time and any other statement is a barefaced lie.

      Obviously States have interests, even Egypt had interests in destabilising the Upstream Nile States for its own water paranoia, we know that the West have interests but the difference between me and you is that I believe in people power, whereas you insist on making the 'Egyptian revolution' exceptional and belittling the revolution of the 'valiant, brave' Libyan people against a ruthless, bloody tyrant!

      But you bring up an interesting point about social-justice being a driver of Egypt's revolution...

      What has changed after the revolution?

      How do you envision Egypt being fairer to its poor and providing 'bread' which was one of the 'demands of the revolution'...

  8. So you have no idea about anything and are calling me a barefaced liar? Wow, you seem to be very civilized and a real democrat!

    The Libyan government awarded licenses to foreign companies towards a system calledEPSA-4, by which the Libyan state oil company NOC (National Oil Corporation of Libya) were guaranteed the highest share of the oil with about 90 percent. "The EPSA-4 contracts had the toughest conditions in the world," says Bob Frylund, former president of the Libyan branch of the U.S. company ConocoPhillips.
    Why do you think the Western leaders were dying to sign their oil-contracts with this UNELECTED NTC (ruled by a former minister of the old regime!) as fast as possible?

    I have never said that the Egyptian Revolution already succeeded and achieved its goals but thank God it remained PEACEFULLY and WE ALL hope it will stay like this.
    Gaddafi was a dictator but unfortunately he wasn’t toppled by the power of the people, but by the power of NATO-bombing AND WE ALL KNOW THIS! This is NOT a Revolution! Otherwise Iraq and Afghanistan have had already their revolutions in the recent years and Israel is going to donate Iran a revolution soon! The West is trying to save things and to take control of the Arab Spring for its own interests and this will never benefit our people! We should have learned this. Either we fight our dictators by peaceful, democratic means and WITHOUT foreign interference and build our countries on this basis or things will get worse!

    And if you think this videos and the murder of Gaddafi and his son were the only disgusting things that were and are taking place in the “New Libya”, then dream on. People are still being terrorized, tortured and killed and all may end in a civil war. Libya paid and is paying a big price for it, that NATO and the NTC refused even to negotiate with Gaddafi and didn’t WANT a peaceful solution.

    Bardo Salam. Y

    1. Let's not personalise matters, saying the statement is lie is not tantamount to calling you a liar, you could just be misinformed.

      Western companies always dominated Libya's petroleum industry with the main players including Eni, Exxon, Mobil, Elf Aquitaine and Agip and this is *prior* to 1974...

      It's funny how you refer to the NTC as unelected in a country which hd no Constitution for over 40 years and no semblance of a popular ballot...

      Once again I reiterate that we should let the 'Libyans' speak for themselves about their suffering under the crazed tyrant who was a source of instability to his region.

      Obviously you're so far detached from Libya that you can hypothesise about how he should have gone, in complete oblivion to 43 years of social regression and terrorisation.

      The bloodthirsty tyrant 'refused' to step down like Mubarak and Ben Ali when he had the chance....

      He called his people rats and cockroaches and recruited Sub-Saharan Africans to shoot them down.

      He completely mismanaged his country and he got the end he deserved.

      Of course, of course, Egypt's revolution is special, it's protected, it's exceptional...and anything else is just wrong.

  9. Man, if you really think to know things even better than the former president of one the greatest american oil-companies, than there is really no sense to discuss with you anymore.

    What exactly dont you like in the word PEACEFUL? I never defended any of those dictators and never offended any peaceful demonstrator..
    So go on and build your "democracy" with foreign interventions, suicide bombings and letting people eat their flags..

    I am tired of answering now. May God save Libya and the real ARAB spring. Salam

    1. Of course, the 'real' one being the Egyptian one...

      The Libyan people did not sacrifice their lives in vain.

      They have forever etched their names on the annals of history, blessed are their martyrs (including those brutally killed by Gaddafi in Abu Selim and the campuses of universities) and cherished is their revolution.

  10. 'real' ARAB meant real ARAB unlike NATO spring, Western spring or whatever spring.. Matefham ba2a..


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