Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Follow up : Matt danced in Tahrir and he is still alive

And So where the hell Matt came and danced in Tahrir and in Zamalek as well . Matt danced with tens of Egyptians despite the opposition of the families of the martyrs , the honorable citizens, informants and normal citizens too in Tahrir on Sunday. 

Matt and his Egyptian friends tried to dance first at the circular garden in the middle of the square but failed after the objection of all sorts of Tahrir current occupants.In the end Matt did his little dance along tens of Egyptians at the Egyptian museum garden.

By Mohamed Shawky 

Dancing Matt comes to Tahrir square by dear Bel Trew 
On Monday Sandmonkey aka Mahmoud Salem managed to convince Matt to film again his little dance with Egyptians in Zamalek ,Cairo in new bistro Left Bank on the Nile.
I hope Matt returns once again and dances in the future at the Pyramids or Aswan or Luxor.

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