Monday, March 5, 2012

Syrian Revolution : You knew that his name was El Assad !!

And Asama El Assad’s father Fawaz El Akhrass has began to clear his image in London claiming that he is horrified with the all the killing in Syria and that his son in law surprising turned to be a dictator.

The Express journalists also began to show the Syrian first lady as a victim somehow , I feel that the next issue they will claim that she is a British and should be evacuated along with her kids from Damascus. 

With my all due respect to everyone Fawaz El Akhrass knew exactly what kind of family his daughter is going to marry from and he did not say no , in fact he knew that his grandchildren will carry the family name of one the most worst dictatorships families in the world and he welcomed it !!

The apple did not fall far from the tree indeed when it comes to Bashar El Assad.

The foreign media is fond by the stories of Middle Eastern crazy dictators’ personal life especially they got juicy tales from Saddam and Qaddafi’s crazy families. Strangely the most crazy member in El Assad family in Syria right now is not Bashar El Assad but rather his brother Maher El Assad !!

The house of El Assad is not that interesting or wild like the house of Saddam and the house of Qaddafi dear tabloid media.

I hope that Daily Express goes after Rafaat El Assad and his son , he got really crazy tales like how he supervised the mass murder of more than 40,000 civilian in Hama in year 1982 yet is enjoying life freely in Europe , how the ladies in his special forces used to eat snakes , how he was the named the prince of assassins and how he turned against  his own brother.


  1. To be fair, he gave his daughter in marriage to a young man who wanted to settle in England as an ophtalmologist and would have done so had not his brother died. One cannot read the future.

  2. Both seem not unguilty to me. They both like fame and expensive clothes and private jets, while most syrien people have barely to eat. How many young people have died in jails because they started to ask for better life opportunities. Did they look like they care at any time about syrian people. Never. You can´t tell anyone she did not know what was going on, she does not look like she is blind. Hope England will never take her back. She gave up her career to go to Syria and live in luxus from the Couties money. Hope She and her husband take what they deserve.


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