Monday, April 23, 2012

The Gas deal after the big decision : will there be a new deal ?

I am fed up with all the officials of Egypt and Israel speaking diplomatically on how the sudden decision to cut the gas supply to EMG and thus to Israel was not a political decision but rather economical decision.
Already it were an economical decision and EMG did not pay since 2010 , why did not EGAS end the deal all that time !!? Simply because the decision was connected to politics and no one can deny. Of course the question now in the minds of many is “Why now”.
It is a good question but let’s not spoil the point of following the law and not forget that Egypt is in bad gas crisis not to mention this has been a popular demand for years now
On the other we do not know if that was temporarily suspension or not as the minister of international cooperation , the Iron lady of Egyptian politics Faiza Abu Naga stated officially today that Egypt was ready to negotiate again about gas deal with Israel with new prices. Abu Naga’s statements are interesting indeed.
Strangely the Israeli officials have stressed that this is not a political decision and rather economic decision that will not affect the Egyptian Israeli relations. Yet in the Israeli press we hear big words from this and that figure in Israel like Yuval Steinitz, the minister of finance in Israel who described the move as “a dangerous precedent that threatens Egyptian Israeli bilateral ties.” as well Shaul Mofaz , the Kadima opposition party leader who considered the decision as a violation to the Camp David Accords despite it has nothing to do with the accords !!
Anyhow Bibi stated on his official twitter account as well his spokesperson's twitter account that  there is no problem because Israel has got its own gas sources that will make Israel a major exporter of gas !!!

Already if you got that big reserve of gas , why do you import from Egypt !!? Needless to say that gas treasure Bibi is speaking is in a disputed area.


  1. Regarding why Israel needs gas from Egypt - the answer is simple- they want second source. The gas drillings in the mediterenean were done by private companies that can ask higher price from the Israeli government now, once the competing Egyptian gas is removed from the market.

    And, by the way, the gas reserves in Israel are not in a "disputed area", unless you want to call the entire area of Israel a "disputed area". The only reason its a "disputed area" is because Lebanon does not want to have an agreement with Israel regarding the division on econonic interests in the mediteranean sea (they dont want to have an agreement because of the same stupid reason people want to punish the Egyptian imam for visiting Jerusalem).

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