Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pray For #Suez "Live Updated"

I think we should all pray for the city of Suez right about it is facing a huge catastrophe threatening the lives of thousands of citizens there.
A photo from the fire
A fire started at Nasr Petroleum Company “NPC” at one of the oil tanks late afternoon has resulted in a huge fire extended to other parts of the big complex in the city. According to the ministry of health one worker was killed and 14 were injured. April Youth 6 Movement in Suez says that 2 were killed including one from suffocation. It has been on fire 5 hours now.
The explosion when it started "Ehab Samy"
Here are videos after the explosions in the oil tanks.
Suez : The fire at NPC
Suez : NPC fires
It is very critical situation. According to tweets from Suez at least 28 fire engines from 3 governorates are trying to do its best and from what I knew and understood the army sent 3 planes to put off the fire but it is too huge. Already there are 6 oil complexes besides this complex that are owned by major oil companies in the Middle East.
Suez : Attempt to put off the fire

The company has evacuated its workers from the location. The fire could be seen from miles. The Mosques in Suez are praying currently and people are worried and they have to. The elderly in town say that this fire reminds when Israel shelled the oil tanks in the city. Some people in Ras Sadr say that they can see the fire from there.
Here is a close up video in high quality.
Suez : NPC’s fire at 9.34 Suez local time.

There is fear that the fire would reach some gas tank in the complex , if it does , it will be catastrophic.
Suez : The fire from short time ago
Sadly enough the fire news is not covered properly but any TV channel as all the shows are speaking about the updates except for Al Youm channel and Amr Adeeb’s TV show to be honest.
Now according from what I read in the past hour NPC produces not less than 30% from Egypt’s local fuel and oil. It is very interesting fire in time we are suffering from oil shortage. There is no wonder that this fire is fueling the conspiracy theory especially with the potential presidential candidates’ exclusion news , people believe that someone is trying to create a new fuel crisis in the country.
From what I understood the NPC complex is in front of a residential complex called "Al Safwa towers" . They are about 20 residential towers. There are news in the radio that the army is evacuating the buildings from the residents just in case.
Here is the location of the NPC complex.
The location of the complex 
It is no time for politics.

@12:27 PM 

The governor of Suez is saying on Al Jazeera Mubshar  that 90% of the fire has been put off and is asking the people to return back home.
Another news reports say that the fire was put off in 3 oil tanks and there is one oil tank on fire that is giving the authorities hard time. 
Al Jazeera Mubshar's correspondent in Suez says the authorities are emptying the complex from inflammable chemical substances and are 'cooling' the tanks.

@1:51 AM 

The fire has not stopped yet and it seems that the army's jet has left because it could not stop the fire which can been seen from Ras Sadr. 
Here are more updated photos including one from inside the complex.
From RNN 
From Ahmed Manshy 
From Ahmed Manshy

@12:02 PM 

The fire is still on but from what I understood this is the oil and fuel fires can continue going one for hours. The preliminary losses are estimated by LE 10 million.
Here is the latest photo from Suez.
From Facebook 
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  1. There are always waco conspiracy theories indeed. But many of these waco theories are created by the evil ones who are guilty of the act, and seek to hide in fog of theories. If one theory is stupid, then all are stupid.

    Definitely there is negligence and lack of adherence to industrial safety standards in Egyptian industrial sector. And accident does happen in any place in the world, Suez is no exception.

    Yet, one need to think rationally. A video clip shows fires in several locations, some of which are precluded by explosions. Due to separation, and lack of wind (flames are vertical) one may conclude that the ignition source for these fires are separate. In case of no technical justification, that the fires have the same root cause, then an arson is plausible. The question will be who benefits?!

  2. Hmmm ... the Mosques are praying.

    Now what? Did Allah come to the rescue? Obviously not.

    Because Allah wants us to act, to take our lives in our hands and assume responsibility rather than pray and hope for divine intervention.

    1. Could have taken international help

  3. The World is watching and Praying for everyones safety! God Bless!

    American Citizen

  4. 17/4/2012 time: 9:14am - still fire and black smoke caming from Nasr Petroleum Company.. after two days the situation is not under cotrol and no news speaking about it .. that is really strange..

    Suez citizen


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