Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Remembering the Bride of the South

On April 5, 1985 a beautiful 18 years old Lebanese girl from the South of Lebanon became the first woman suicide bomber in the history of Arab resistance when she blew her car filled with explosives up next to Israeli military convey during the Israeli occupation to the region then.
That Lebanese girl was Sana’a Mehaidli and strangely only this year I have seen her picture and I have watched her recorded will where she urged all the Lebanese youth to join the resistance.
1985 : Sana’a’s will
She also asked her mother to forgive her because she did not tell her suicidal plan. 
I do not care if she was a socialist or a nationalist , I do not care if she was communist or Islamist , I only care for Sana’a. Of course for the West Sana’a was and is a terrorist despite she did not kill any civilians.
Late Sana'a
Now Speaking of the Syrian Social Nationalist party “SSNP” , I will say that I am speak of them now because of their position from the Syrian revolution. The “SSNP” as most of the Nationalist and socialist Lebanese and Syrian parties believe the Syrian revolution is an American Israeli conspiracy against Syria because of her stand from Palestinian cause !!!
Now on the anniversary of her martyrdom , I will share with you that song of Mohamed Mounir dedicated to Sana’a. I think its lyrics were written by Gamel Bakheet
Mohamed Mounir sings for Sana’a


  1. Would have been better if she had become a Doctor and learnt how to save peoples lives. When will the infatuation with killing and war ever end?

  2. she was beautiful.. it's a shame what is happening with people..

  3. One down lots to go

  4. The Great Resistance Fighter made everyone happy! The soul of Sana'a got the purifiction and God was blessing her. God likes it, when jews get killed. God hates jews.

    1. "God likes it, when jews get killed. God hates jews". God is not the cousin of anyone. You blaspheme.


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