Monday, April 9, 2012

And Omar Soliman spoke at last .. to Mostafa Bakry

And on the same day we got Khairat El Shater’s interview in Reuters , we found out that Omar Soliman decides to talk to the media too .. well sort of as he had this amazing interview with Mostafa Bakry in Al Akhbar Daily newspaper so I do not know if we should consider Bakry a journalist or not !!
Omar Soliman "Omar Soliman official campaign"
Anyhow it was indeed an amazing interview without doubt with historical quotes that suits the man who headed the General Intelligence more than anyone in the history of famous intelligence agency since its inauguration in early 1950s. “Some are saying that Soliman served as Egypt’s spy chief more than any spy chief in the world”
People only focused on his claim that he received threats on his mobile phone from the Islamists “from Muslim brotherhood and Islamists” after announcing his candidacy yet ignored another historical quotes in the first interview for the former Lt. General since February 11,2011.

Like for instance :

Being the head of the General intelligence during the Mubarak’s reign does not mean that I was part of the regime that the people toppled !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I would like to repeat that Omar Soliman had been the head of the Egyptian intelligence since January 1993 to January 2011 !!!! I will not comment more than that even if he is not stalked with accusations of international torture and rendition scandals , being a spy chief for all that time means that you are very trusted part of the regime.
No president especially a dictator will keep a spy chief all that time except that he is a trusted part of the regime , I think this is ABC regime politics in dictatorship everybody knows.
I will work on achieving the principles of the revolution !!
What principles this man is speaking about ? The 6 principles of the July 23rd coup turned in to revolution !! Of course he is speaking about achieving the social justice the revolution of January 25th aims to !!
Nobody can regenerate a regime that was rejected by the people !!
No comment !!
Here is an English summary for the interview from AFP.
Bakry is the new man of all seasons , I think Abdullah Kamel is jealous from him secretly despite how he is trying to appear to be the man of principles who did not sell his favorite
By the way Mostafa Bakry is accused of taking money from Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein in order to promote their crap in Egypt and to praise them. Strangely he is still loyal to them.
Tantawy in some army base today 
Later today Field Marshal Hussein Tantawy ,the head of SCAF issued an official statement saying that SCAF and the army in general are not endorsing any presidential candidate !! Of course it is hard to believe.
Needless to say many people believe that Soliman is not the real SCAF’s candidate and he is rather a diversion while others believe that he the intelligence’s candidate.
Now there is always first time for everything , Lt. General Soliman welcome to the real world of politics .. you are mocked now on TV dear sir.
Bassem Youssef presented a very special episode mocking Omar Soliman , the bad omen of the Middle East. Omar Soliman had gone to Sudan to keep it united and it would end as two countries , Omar Soliman went to Ethiopia and things are fucked up , he goes to Israel and have talks with Israeli officials who end up either losing elections or having a corruption scandals.
El Bernmag : The omen
The jewel of the crown is when he became the VP of Mubarak and ends up in less than 3 weeks announcing that Mubarak is stepping down !!!!!


  1. As people in Egypt and around the world speculate about the fate of the Mubarak regime, One thing should be very clear:

    Omar Suleiman is not the man to bring democracy to the country. His hands are too dirty, and any 'stability' he might be imagined to bring to the country and the region comes at way too high a price. Hopefully, the Egyptians who are thronging the streets and demanding a new era of freedom will make his removal from power part of their demands, too.

    quoted from

    and if you want to read testimonial from the tortured victim himself:

    BE AFRAID!!!

  2. Hi Zeino
    The beauty of mystery is the inability to solve it !! that is why truely we are the root of the nations ,how we manage to keep the world on toes of surprise all this time upto the very moment , pyramids, mummification, tyrant Mubarak 's regime zombies , realy we are the people of the living wonders , moreover by the end of the day the result is an even more absurd and even humorous scene upto the edge of tragedy with all of this number of "alleged" part-time rebellious and revolutionaries were acting as inside reformists of the former tyrant regime The rest of “Tahrir set-in protesters” are no longer needed, we are a luckiest people In the cosmos - just in case of a living have been found in Mars - ! in my humble opinion we should come clean with a all-in-one agenda to give to commit with it to whoever will come a president, we have questionable loyalties seeds of all kind but no soil , unfortunately we still implant in a trapped air


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