Saturday, May 19, 2012

Be worried about #Sinai , be very worried about #Sinai

Tonight a tribal Sheik from the famous Al Sawaraka tribe has been assassinated from few hours ago. Sheikh Nayaf Al Sawaraka was shot down when a group of militants opened their fire in front of the city council in the city of Al Arish. They fled in a car and the man was transferred to a hospital to die there.

North Sinai is on alert , security authorities whether police or army are on alert. It is unclear the motives behind this act which is the first of its kind when I recount the violence in Sinai as we are speaking about tribal chief.

Could it be for tribal differences ?! I do not know , the man is known for wisdom and was like a meditator among tribes according to news reports. The time and place are more than alarming.

There are armed Jihadi Salafist groups in Sinai and for some reason the authorities in the past year and half left these groups to flourish. These armed groups are not under the control of the local tribes , they work according to their leaders.


  1. Egypt's shaky transitional period is the perfect opportunity for those with bad motives to stir up tensions and insecurity.

    We Nubians and the Beja could have acted like Mubarak's regime when it took Halayeb by force and taken action on the ground which Egypt would have been damned if it responded to and damned if it did not respond to but we refuse to stoop to your level.

    No patience is infinite.

    Our legitimate demands must be fairly addressed.

    1. Dear Taharqa ,
      Looks like you never been to Halayeb ...

      Resala was there few weeks ago , and people who really live there are careless to the fact of this immaginary struggle .. Which started- by the way- in the year 1899, and is not one of the foul plays of Mubarak regime ... He was just enhanced by Sudanese official participation in his assasination attempt in Ethiopia to stop a compromise that existed since 1958 which allowed both Egyptian/Sudanese forces to stay together in Halayeb triangle..

      Sudanese officials are trying to be smart only when it comes to Egypt.

      Halayeb triangle / Bir Tawil/ Wadi Halfa Salient , are related and should be solved together ...

      Needless to say that they refused in 2007 a suggested referendum by Egypt to let the people choose ...

      It is hard to understand some Sudanese officials : while Ethiopia is occupying (Fashaqa) which is larger than Halayeb and more economicaly rewarding due to its agriculural income they don't mention it at all...

      And yes , Egyptian Nubians have suffered a lot and should be rewarded for the long years of neglection ,,, Inshaala the next president should seek development on all our borders ,, Egyptian Nubians should be paid back for their lands , have the right to return to their home lands...

      And again sorry to tell you that someone acted for more than 50 years against Egyptian National security , all this flow of arms smuggling and drugs were going from the east costal side on the Red Sea from Sudanese side with official consent, do you know which tribes are there or should I tell you?!!!


  2. Proud2beEgyptian5/20/2012 10:27:00 AM

    Who cares about some nomads and nubians??? Egypt rules forever!

  3. As if Sinai doesn't have enough troubles already :(

  4. I am telling you now and you will see in history books in years to come that Saudi Arabia is behind this and many other things in our region.
    A strong Egypt an Independant Egypt an Egypt with freedom to elect a ruler is a huge threat to Saudi monarchy. They financed the Wahabi doctrine and rebels in Benghazi, they are financing the rebels in Syria, they are crawling all over Lebanon now. Their dirty fingers are implicated in many of the goings on and now their Wahabi suicide bombers are in Syria. Don't be fooled. Saudi and USA and Israel are orchestrating the next carve up partitioning of the Middle east and unity with GCC is just the start of it. Iran is on the crosshairs. The real enemy of peace is Saudi because if they wanted tomorrow to end the palestinian crisis and have peace they just have to turn off the oil, but they are part of the scheme of things. The Quran talsk of the hypocrites and these are the hypocrites the Quran warns us of. The bible verse talks of Synagogue of Satan and Israel is that. Just look. The US Christian, the Israeli Jews, the Saudi Wahabi triangle!!!! all working against world peace. It is all in the Quran and bible.

  5. And that is why they blew up the pipeline bringing gas to Israel? Out of curiosity, which Bible verses talk of the Synagogue of Satan?
    It is not Sunni Saudi which threatens Egypt but Shia Iran.

  6. Thank you Zeinobia, for at least posting on the bedouin, the Beja, and the Nubians. If you also consider those Beja whose home is in Egypt (where the Nubians were moved) and the bedouin of the North Coast and Western desert, and the Siwis - you can see that ethnic, racial, language and political rights all need to be considered for ALL Egyptians. I agree that the situation in the Sinai is deplorable - as if there is no policy now at all and there will no doubt be revenge killing(s) for what you describe. On Halayeb -- obviously there is a historical dispute, but the fact is that many Beja were uprooted. Some authorities have had a hand in bringing Rashaayda into that area & something has to be done both for those there and those who are refugees. Best, Sherifa Zuhur

  7. @ perplexed Revelation 3:9 "I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars--I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you."

    Revelation 2:9 "I know your afflictions and your poverty--yet you are rich! I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan."

  8. @perplexed Read Al Saud the Kingdom by Robert Lacey the chapter called Riyal Politik and see what it says about Israeli and US contingency plans in the Pentagon to take over Gulf if Saudi becomes unstable and Israeli jets move in to take oil fields. The Pentagon Contingency plan was leaked!

    The US and Israel are ready to sacrifice their Saudi partner if there is unrest in the Gulf to secure the oil and Gulf region!

    Al Saud is now floundering and the Israeli Iron Dome is there for a reason!

    1. You start by saying that Saudi Arabia is behind the trouble in Sinai and end by saying that Saudi Arabia is in trouble. Make up your mind. As to Iron Dome, what is the connection with the kingdom?

  9. Egyptians should bear in mind that Al-Quieda as it now exists began as a partnership between Bin-Ladens mujahadeen and Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Eventually their presence will be evident in Egypt if it isn't already and they don't shrink from attacking muslims( although they usually say their victims are not real muslims).

    Saudi Arabia is not overly influencing events but they do pose a bad example as does the dictatorship in Iran & Syria. If the whole ME copied either Saudi or Iran/Syria I think it would be in a hell of a mess. Turkey/Morocco is a better model but both are linked/ influenced by Europe/West.


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