Friday, May 4, 2012

The “Final” Friday : The end of What exactly !??

I do not know who really chooses the names of “Friday Protests” , it is another mystery of the mysteries of the Arab Spring but one thing of sure whoever chose the name of this Friday’s protest in Egypt is really stupid. Today’s Friday protest is called “ The Final Friday” and Please do not ask me what end and whose end we are speaking about here because it is so painful.
Today there are two many events , a million man protest in Tahrir square and a revolutionary march heading to Abassiya square and MOD square.
I do not know what the aims and goals of these protests for real to be honest aside from rejecting and condemning the brutal attack on the protester and their cold blood murder.
The marches to MOD are considered more important today than the protest in Tahrir square. They are organized by April 6th Youth Movement “two fronts” , The second day of rage Facebook Page “Which is somehow radical to me” and other 13 movements. The goals of those marches are : Ending the military rule now , the repeal of Article 28 of the March 2011 constitutional declaration and for an independent body of judges who were not appointed by the former regime to monitor upcoming presidential elections.
It is worth to mention that there presidential elections will supposedly will take place after only 19 days. Despite these movements claim that they do not want any delay in the presidential elections but anyone who still uses his brain in this country knows that these demands will delay the official transfer of powers in Egypt plan.
There will be marches from 7 points in Cairo and Giza that are heading to Abassiya’s grand revolutionary march to the MOD : Fateh mosque in Ramses, the Nour mosque in Abbasiya, the Khazandarah mosque in Shubra, Rabea El-Adawiya mosque in Madinat Nasr, Youssef El-Sahabi mosque in Heliopolis , Mostafa Mahmoud square and Tahrir Square.
Here is a march from Tahrir square heading to Square. Photo by Pierre Sioufi

Here is another march heading from Fateh mosque in Ramasis to Abassiya. You can see the flags of April 6 Youth movement. Here is a live broadcast for El Fateh Mosque march
By Wessam Deweny

Muslim brotherhood and its political arm Freedom and Justice Party are participating in the Protest in Tahrir along with couple of parties including Al Gama’a Al Islamiya and its political arm “ The development and building Party” , Al Hadara Party , Al Wasat Party , Ghad El Thawar Party.
The numbers are not big are Tahrir square judging from TV despite I have heard that yesterday FJP was mobilizing all their members from all the over the country  but it does not seem so !! Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr aired some distributing Islamist chants which can freak the normal Egyptian citizens from what is taking place in Tahrir and Abassiya. 
There are two stages set up in Tahrir square as usual , one for the MB and the other is Abu Ismail’s campaign.
What is more disturbing the claims and the hopes of some protesters from the Pro-Abassiya and MOD sit in that today will be the end of the military rule to the level that they hope that they will execute the SCAF leaders today and they will clean the National Egyptian TV tonight.
There is Islamist takeover for the whole scene that can freak anyone especially for outsiders and I am not speaking about the Salafist protesters , especially the young Salafist protesters who are suffering from emotional shock following how they were abandoned by the big sheikhs and preachers in Egypt because of the MOD sit in but I am speaking about the Jihadists that no one is speaking about them. Yes they are citizens who have the right to express their opinions but I know they want a state different than mine not to mention I know that they are being used to sabotage what we really want in Egypt. 
Al Nour Party and its mother movement “ The Salafist Calling” are not participating in the Protests or the Marches or the MOD march or the MOD sit in. Free Egyptians Party also is not participating

Updated @7:21 PM :

And it is the END of EGYPTIAN REVOLUION whether we like or not in its own way. Some protesters tried to trespass the bribed wire and the hell went loose technically. The clashes started between the military police and protesters after that at the #MOD with stones hurled between each team and the military police opening water pipes at the protesters pushing them back before pushing them back to Abassiya square to Ramsis and Saleh Salem in big chases with tear gases , gun shots and birdshots

The sit in was ended at the MOD with the military police burned the tents and the field hospitals before a horrifying chase between them and the protesters for hours now where the locals have become a part in . The protesters who managed to escape with their lives are speaking about scary , real scary stories. The injured patients were arrested from hospitals and protesters were arrested from metro stations.

According to the ministry of health not less than 74 injuries where as on the ground we are speaking about not less than 150 including soldiers from the army. It is non clear if that there are officially death cases as we got contradicting stories that one or two being shot down. I think there are lots of victims tonight.

Nevertheless the protesters are reporting horrifying stories from the treatment they got from the locals who supported the army.

There are journalists who are arrested in the clashes including the Belgian photojournalist called Virginie Nguyen working in Egypt Independent who was injured and was arrested at the hospital. That journalist was transferred to a military hospital and from what I understood the Belgian PM and the Belgian embassy are following the case.  Masr 25 TV channel crew was arrested as well.

The Muslim brotherhood denies involvement in the MOD sit in and what followed it from clashes. Unsurprisingly Al Gama’a Al Islamiya has announced it withdrew from the MOD sit in putting all the blame on the Revolutionary socialists , April 6th Youth

Islamic Jihad announced that they withdrew from the sit in as usual !!

April 6th Youth Movement and Masrena Movement have also withdrawn from the MOD sit in. The Ahlawy UA07 and Zamelak Ultras White Knights denied to participate in the march or the Sit in

The radio and the national TV are airing patriotic songs. SCAF will issue a statement accordingly.

Updated @ 8:34 PM

SCAF issued its statement , there will be a curfew in Al Abassiya square and its surrounding area from 11 PM to 6 AM next morning and that they were defending the MOD.

You can watch it here.

The ministry of health is speaking about over 160 injured from both sides , I think there are dead too. People are cheering for the army in Abassiya and the soldiers are dancing after kicking the butts of the protesters along with the locals.

ONTV says that there are 400 of detainees arrested from Al Abassiya area.


  1. Are the locals in Abassiya supporting military rule for Egypt or do they just disagree with the protesters more than hate the army. Confused in America.

  2. The Belgian reporter has been released.

  3. I think some people are afraid and so they support the army and just want it all to be over. from my point of view in egypt

  4. I'm sick of some so called revolutionaries now. They seem to have developed a huge ego and think they are celebrities. One in particular Gigi Ibrahim gets up my nose. She is the typical rich kid who probably studied at AUC who curses like a farmers daughter online. The dumb bint has successfully with her dumb friends exposed the state and weaknesses of Egypts army. Their uniform and dress, their vehicles, their poor equipment etc to the world to see. A perfect dream on a plate for Egypts enemies like Israel who are lapping up the Egyptians against the army rhetoric she spouts daily. What will Miss Ibrahim and her dumb friends do when Israel come over Sinai in their tanks and take over her house in Cairo!!!! She and others like her need to shut their stupid mouth and stop embarrassing us on the world stage and revealing our weaknesses! There is nothing Israel loves more which makes me wonder who exactly is Miss Ibrahim and Co really working for! Enough of the anti SCAF talk! Our enemies are loving every second of it!

  5. I hope to God that SCAF hang these thugs they arrested yesterday like they threatened they would.
    Maybe Egyptian so called revolutionaries need a wake up call.
    You want to change the country then start with yourself first. I bet that every one of them chucks trash in the street and drives with no seat belt and on mobiles. Time for a reality check and rule of law to be applied strongly on what seems to be a lawless rush for celebrity status by some so called young revolutionary leaders.

  6. It is the SCAF that is embarrassing Egypt. Those fossils on display should be retired by now. Playing golf or managing their investments or flirting with piety (like some of them do).

    SCAF has no legal right to hang anyone since they have not been elected and are not the legitimate government.


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