Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It is party time people !!

And Amr Khaled got news for you : He will found a political party called ‘Egypt Future’ that it is not actually political party but rather an independent moderate social development for all Egyptians party that will work in the governorates to solve the social and economic problems there. “I think Life Makers movement which he heads does this already !!”

Amr Khaled : I am going to have a party

Despite being an Islamist preacher , Khaled makes it clear that the party is open for all Egyptians with no political or ideological affiliation. 

Speaking seriously I wonder why Khaled waited all those months to declare this step when he had enough members in “Life Makers” movement ready to join that Social Development party.

I am not against the idea but I am just wondering why he waited all that time and why suddenly politics seem to be interesting after he expressed his refusal to engage in politics in the past months !! It is not a bad thing to have political ambition at all.

It seems that suddenly people find parties attractive , Mohamed ElBaradei from month ago declared that he will found a party as well. Yesterday it was confirmed that Abu El Fotouh will turn his campaign in to a party.

In fact I wonder why Khaled and ElBaradei waited all that time to realize the partisan work is needed in Egypt !!?

Khaled raised extremely important point people neglect : The only two candidates that made it to the runoffs are actually the only two backed up by partisan existence in the governorate. Mohamed Morsi got Freedom and Justice Party while Shafik is backed up by the old NDPians and their connections in Sharkia , Monufia and Upper Egypt.

This point is among the hard lessons we learned in this election.


  1. Am I the only one who can see Future Egypt and Strong Egyot merging at some point in the future? Both are moderate, centrist, Islamic democratic movements led by charismatic figures who would both make great presidents?

    How about a Khaled/Aboul Fotouh presidential ticket for 2016?

  2. I really don't understand what the concrete objective is.

    He talks about an institutional mechanism, but for what end?

    If the objective is improving and developing society Life Makers already does that.

    A political party should have a clear cut manifesto and vision on foreign and fiscal policy.


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