Thursday, May 31, 2012

#AlHoulah Massacre : People fear another Massacre

People fear that there will be another massacre will be committed in the weekend especially that the telecommunications in Homs are reportedly cut. Already according to tweeps from inside Syria most social networks and news websites have been blocked in Syria since early morning and that users there returned to the proxies.
The murder of Basel Shehade in Homs is the main event highlighted in the past 24 hours. It turns out that Shehade went to Homs in order to present his condolences to a friend who lost a friend in the revolution !!
Here is the coffin of late Basel , May Allah bless his soul. It turned out that the Christian neighborhood in the city of Homs had more than its share from the daily shelling because of Basel.
Here is a photo showing an ad of the memorial service held at one of Homs mosque for the martyrs including Basel.

Now here are photos from Al Houlah , from the houses that witnessed 11 hours of horror from the visits of the UN observers.

Here is a video clip showing the arrival of the UN observers to  a building where the bodies of the victims compiled before burial last May 26th.
There is news coming tonight that the Syrian consul in LA  has defected , I can’t find a confirmation though.

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