Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Voting Girl 2012 : Egyptian Presidential elections

And the voting girl has participated and voted in Egypt’s presidential elections 2012 , the first Egyptian multi-candidate presidential elections.
I went To my polling station “Orman secondary school for girls” this afternoon at 4.30 PM in Agouza area. It was empty when I arrived so I asked the army personnel and they told me that the turnout was higher in the morning. It is worth to mention that the heat is unbearable in the morning. My polling station got a cross section of classes. It is women only polling station. The army personnel checked my ID.
When I went inside I found a queue , very short one made of three ladies. The queues are organized by a coordinator who checks your number in the voters registration and makes you sign  your attendance. I was on the verge of having a fight with three ladies from Shafik supporters who were making fun from Tahrir square and its protesters , the protesters who made it possible for them to vote in an election like that for the first time in their life. Instead I reminded them in a firm voice that the Presidential elections committee made it clear that no talks about presidential candidates will be allowed in the queue. I was tired and not smiling.
When you go to inside the committee itself , you sign again for your attendance and one of the employees in the committee he or she writes the last two digits in National ID number . The women’s committees are managed by women judges.
Without fancy words I did not have any feelings due to what happened in the queue moments later at all , I chose my candidate in the ballot paper and I put it in the ballot plastic box.
My purple finger 
Here is my fancy historical shot.
I had a little chat with the judge who let me to take photos “ I got a reporter’s permit to cover the elections.”
She told me that so far 700 voters came to the polling station. “We are speaking about 4.30-5.00 PM CLT” She also told me that all the ballot boxes in the polling stations’ committee will be transferred after being waxed to a single room. The votes count will started fro tomorrow’s evening , I asked her if I can attend the votes count and she told me that she will ask.

After that I want to Qomia school , which is the biggest mixed polling station in the area. The voters were more there were more than in my polling station. The army officers were friendly with my because of my permit and told me that the turn out was higher in the morning. Again the polling station was a cross section of Egyptian society but in addition of whole families of old grannies.
I went first to the men’s committee and the judge there told me that the turnout was higher in the morning and that there were 1700 voters who casted their votes by then. He told me that there were no violations and that there were 5 delegates from 5 candidates : Mohamed Morsi , Abu El Fotouh, Hamdeen , Shafik and Abdullah Al Ashal !!” Oh yes the man is still in the race and do not ask me who or why !!”
The judge told me that I was welcomed to attend the votes count just like the rest of the people
Then I moved to the women’s committee , there was a higher turnout from my committee. The lady judge told me that she was extremely tired and that about 1000 lady voters who casted their votes. She also told me that there were two delegates from two campaigns : Mohamed Morsi and Abdullah Al Ashal !!
In my way out I met two international observers from the Elections commission of India who told me that they did not see any violations what so ever except complains from long queues and heat. I told them that we can learn in Egypt from the impressive Indian experience and one of them told me that we can exchange expertise and that they found having a picture for the candidates in the ballot papers for the illiterates.
I should be happy and proud , well I am honest person and since early mornings the news coming from around the country showed a rise for Ahmed Shafik and Mohamed Morsi especially Shafik. I want the best for my country and I am terrified from the results. I do not want Ahmed Shafik or Mohamed Morsi to become the first democratically elected president in the country. It is too much for me. 
I covered the elections since 8 AM up till now so may be I am tired. I know I should be happier and celebrate this historical election , may because I am tired.


  1. Thank you! I read you regularly and I just wanted to say it is a privilege to read this coming from you.

    Let us pray that the right leader(s) are selected.


  2. All delegates for Abdullah ElAsh3al are from morsy's campaign. Morsy's campaign asked elash3al to do authorization forms for delegates, so morsy can have two eyes inside each committee instead of one.

  3. Zenobia thank you so much for this coverage.

    can you please explain what you mean by

    "He told me that there were no violations and that there were 5 delegates from 5 candidates : Mohamed Morsi , Abu El Fotouh, Hamdeen , Shafik and Abdullah Al Ashal !!” Oh yes the man is still in the race and do not ask me who or why !!”

    Do you mean that Amr Moussa was not being voted for in that polling station?

  4. What kinds of political backgrounds do you think those women in line above you who were laughing about the protesters come from? I live in the US and I'm just wondering what you think their beliefs are already if they don't appreciate the opportunity for election that the revolution as brought them? I am following your blog and really appreciate all the time you put into it and the posts you submit.


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