Saturday, June 30, 2012

And Egypt officially got new president

And president Mohamed Morsi swore in to office in front of the Supreme constitutional court "SCC" earlier this morning at the Court's HQ in Maadi. Ironically the SCC is just steps away from Maadi military hospital where the Ousted/former president and currently Prisoner Mohamed Hosni Mubarak is being treated from something God only knows what is.
Mohamed Morsi sitting among the judges of the SCC
Morsi seemed uninterested in the ceremony , already the relation between the MB and SCC is not good starting from the attempts of the MB to pass a law that would annul It and then the shocking SCC's rule to dissolve the People's assembly. Another reason why Morsi seemed to be uninterested is with that oath in front of SCC is that now he officially recognizes the constitutional declaration annex issued by SCAF from two weeks ago that would limit his powers.

President Morsi swears in to office
Personally I believe that there is a deal between SCAF and MB where the later would accept the annex.Here is  Morsi swearing in video.

Anyhow now Mohamed Morsi El Ayat is the 5th president of Egypt who has just inaugratared the second republic era in Egypt where a civilian is democratically elected and becomes a president in the land of the pharaohs.
After taking the oath at the SCC , he will head right now to Cairo University where he will address the members of the Parliament and the public in another ceremony attended by head of SCAF Tantawy that has not been received warmly by the students of CU
Now president Morsi starts his 4 years term. We accomplish a lot so far and yet there is more to achieve.

@1:45 PM

The president has arrived at Cairo university where he was greeted by the presidential guards in an official reception , the first official reception.

The attendees in the Cairo unviersities ceremony include the families of the martyrs, members of the parliament , ministers , political leaders , army commanders , religious icons , representatives from govenorates and revolutionary youth. Tantawy is there along with Sami Anan and Mohamed ElBaradei. Formrer president candidates Abu El Fotouh ,Moussa and Khaled Ali are thefr along with Ahmed Zowail.

@3:25 PM

And President Mohamed Morsi has addressed the nation in Cairo university in a real historical moment , a big moment for our Egypt regardless of what you think.Starting with greetings to the martyrs and the revolution , Morsi made it clear that this is a new start for Egypt.
He saluted and praised the armed forces and how they handed powers. He also said that the armed forces will return back to its mission in protecting our borders.
The most remarkable thing he said that the elected authorities will return back to work and these elected authorities are for sure the Parliament
I think this speech was balanced , truly balanced political one.
Morsi reassured to the Gulf states indirectly that Egypt will not export the Egyptian revolution
Again Morsi makes it clearly that Egypt will respect all the treaties. He also spoke about Palestine and how Egypt will stand besides Palestine as well the Syrian people. The newly elected president said that Egypt wanted the blood river in Syria to stop now.
Egypt will work in enforcing the League of Arab states, reactivating the Joint Arab Defense treat and founding the Common Arab market .
Morsi swore again for the third time in front of the gathering at Cairo university including the members of the parliament.

May be I am picky but I wish that he mentioned the civilian state concept in the speech aside from mentioning the unity between
I could not keep from ignoring the fact the Morsi is wearing a red tie.
Mrs. Morsi , Naglaa Ali and two his sons attended the ceremony , they were seated besides the ambassador of Turkey and his wife. The US ambassador in Cairo , Ann Peterson also attended the ceremony.
After finishing his speech Morsi left Cairo University along with the army generals to head to the Hikestep area in order to attend the celebration of the armed forces for handing over power.
Here is the complete Cairo University celebration.


  1. The man who talked about SCC law wasn't from MB, he was from AlNour party.

  2. What I really would like to hear from Morsi is to demand that his whole government personnel must declare their assets, including Tantawi as he is Defense Minister.

    Only middle eastern politician that openly and vocally calls to declare assets is Imran Khan, whether you like him or not.

    Declaring assets of ministers and their imminent families could be a first step to attack corruption.

    1. Be sure your wish will never be realised. What you are wishingis rather impossible, how can Tantawi justify his multi million wealth including those five towers in Nasr-City. You should also ask where and how the former prisoner Al-Shater (he is really shater per excellence and you perhaps know the meaning of the word shater in Arabic) had gathered his huge wealth. The same could be asked for further members of this dreadful society. I wunder if they cold declare how much they have and where they have got it. Besides it is a fake that this Shater had already negotiation with a gulf statte regarding the Suezcanal. Do not forget Al Shater is an intime friend of Rashid who was the minister of Commerce and Industry under Nazif besides his strong relationship to gamal Unmubarak. He flow to Abu Dabi -like Soliman ans Shafik and many others- and still there.

  3. Of course the Brothers should have to declare their assets as well, right?

  4. what was the significance of a red tie that you couldnt help but notice? am i missing something besides the fact that its egypt's colors?


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