Friday, June 29, 2012

President Morsi speaks in Tahrir

And not only Morsi came before 6 PM , he gave a speech that made some Egyptians cry and other Egyptians angry as well in a historical scene my generation as well millions of Egyptians will not forget at all.
The president of Egypt goes to the stage to address hundreds of thousands in the square , showing the world that he does not fear death.
Here is the full of speech that continued for more than 30 minutes.
The speech of Mohamed Morsi
Here is the Arab script of the speech.
I do not know what the rule of Egypt does to men but I know Mohamed Morsi in Tahrir on 29 June 2012 was different than Mohamed Morsi on 29 May 2012 without doubt.  The speech reached out to millions of Egyptians.
Of course the climax of the speech was when Mohamed Morsi swore in front of not only hundreds of thousands in Tahrir square but also millions of viewers in Egypt as well the Arab world. Also how he mentioned that he stands with the legitimacy of the public was very clever move along with the mentions of the military trials prisoners and detainees.
I did not like how he mentioned in directly the history and the struggle of the Muslim brotherhood since the 1940s till the 1960s and “What you know about the 1960s !!” as he said.
I did not like how he ended his speech by mentioning the name of Omar Abdel Rahman , already all international news agencies left his speech and focused only on the mentions of the famous Blind Sheikh.
Other than that , the speech was good despite I believe he should focus on regaining the trust of the other 48% that did not vote for him. He is not the Tahrir square president.
I love how the republican guards and the presidency’s security were confused by the new president and his constant sudden moves in front of hundreds of thousands
We are emotional people thus for hours I found people from family and friends from those who did not elect him , suddenly jumped in to Morsi’s wagon and decided to give this sincere , kind and honest man who does not like security and ready to ready to die in the square. Some friends told me that their parents cried while my aunt that supported Shafik told that she feels that he is honest man.
His popularity increased without doubt  after the speech , I will repeat this before as Egyptians are looking for a leader , Mubarak was not one.
The reactions of those Egyptians are not different from the reactions of the Arabs who watched the speech anxiously and admirably watching a new breed of presidents from Cairo , the heart of the Arab world.
Here is a collection of photos taken by my friend Mahmoud Gamal El Din from that big day.
Mursi in Tahrir by Mahmoud Gamal El Din
Tomorrow Morsi will officially swear in front of the constitutional court and later he will address the public again at Cairo University.


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