Friday, June 29, 2012

#Syria Revolts : Free Abu William “Graphic”

Abu William is an old man who lives in Homs. From his name you will know that he is a Christian. Abu William’s house was an icon in Homs on how he refused to his house and city after they have been shelled. From what I understood Abu William lives in the Christian populated neighborhood that was shelled and most of the people had to leave except very few including him.
He was another icon of resistance in the city with his white hair and his old age.
Abu William from his balcony 
Abu William was arrested yesterday by El Assad forces after refusing to leave his house and for speaking to the citizen journalists online.
Abu William : We will stand till death

Orient TV : Abu William speaks to Orient TV channel
Now after his arrest , his balcony is empty. Hopefully he will be released soon along with thousands of Syrians across the country.
The empty balcony with Abu William
By the way on June 28th ,2012 a terrible massacre happened in the Krak Des Chevaliers area in Homs where 6 elderly of one family were killed by El Assad forces according to the one who was recording the video.It is terrible video , the victims May Allah bless their souls were shot in their heads !!!
Homs : Krak Des Chevaliers Elderly massacre

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