Friday, June 29, 2012

The President in Tahrir

Today several political groups and parties are holding another protest in Tahrir square, it is not a big thing anymore to have a protest in Tahrir square but it is a big thing when we find an elected president in Tahrir square !!
President Mohamed Morsi is going to Tahrir square and to address the people there at 6 PM today. The Muslim brotherhood is already setting up a very big stage for the president.
Already the Republican guards are in the charge of that stage , I know that Tahrir square is their worst nightmare when it comes to the president's safety when I think about it !!
The stage by Lina Al Wardani from Tahrir square 
Ironically people thought that Morsi will come to Tahrir square earlier today but instead he went to pray to Al Azhar Mosque.

Morsi had his own hero reception in Al Azhar mosque , it has been ages since a president would come to Al Azhar and pray among people in this way.
Morsi will officially swear in to office tomorrow in front of the Supreme constitutional court despite the revolutionaries wanted him to swear in front of the parliament so he would not recognize the Constitutional declaration annex issued by SCAF from two weeks ago that limits the president’s power.
Some want Morsi to swear at Tahrir square , some predict that he will do so to calm down the Muslim brotherhood and revolutionary youth.
By the way today’s protest in Tahrir square is called “Handing over Power” , its main goals is to bring down the constitutional declaration annex and restoring back the parliament.

@5:29 PM 

The Republican Guard is in control of the stage as well Mohamed Mahmoud street where he will come from.
Mohamed Mahmoud street by Jonathan Rashad 
It is big irony that made many revolutionary protesters angry from the scene as they remember on how Republican Guards let the thugs in to Tahrir square during the battle of the camel and how the MB let the protesters down in Mohamed Mahmoud street clashes.
President Morsi is supposed to address the Egyptian people from Tahrir square at 6 PM . He is already staying at the ministry of interior building.
He is expected to swear in front of the public in Tahrir square.


  1. Who is mobilizing for the protest? Only the brotherhood, or are secular groups also going to Tahrir square today?


  2. the only ones not there are those who have an agenda against unity. Mostly the secular remenants and some atheists. For now we have unity may God let it last.

  3. So he swore to free blind sheikh. good for you, people of Egypt, good for you, democracy lovers in america. this guy once said about americans: "descendants of apes and pigs who have been feeding from the dining tables of the Zionists, Communists, and colonialists"


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