Thursday, June 28, 2012

#Syria Revolts : Why to Target Children !? “Graphic +18”

I do not understand or want to understand actually why dictatorships and criminal regimes target children and babies in their wars. I do not understand why El Assad regime continues in killing children and babies when it seems that we are close from huge intervention in Syria as far as I could tell from the developments in the area.
Yesterday there was another horrific massacre in Al Habeet village in Idlib , the helicopters of El Assad raided the area there killing and injured tens of civilians including many children as you will see in the horrible photos and videos posted after the break.
El Habeet : During the bombing of the village
I do not know what to say.
El Habeet : Injured children “+18”
El Habeet : The dead bodies of children in El Habeet

Already it is not the first time I see videos from Syria showing children and babies killed but may be because I ignored on propose watching these videos recently in order to restore part of my humanity. From watching too many horrific videos from Syria , I felt recently that I did  not feel shocked anymore , it became a norm to the level that I continued living my life normally to the level I did not feel angry anymore thus I had to stop.
After the raid.
El Habeet : After the raid
It is worth to mention that there are currently military operations for the Free Syrian Army “FSA” in Idlib , in other areas. I think El Assad troops chose El Habeet to attack the families of the FSA fighters , I do not have any other explanation except this.
Now unfortunately I have to end this post by another sad news ; a seven years old Egyptian Syrian Islam Mohamed was killed in Daraa.


  1. Assad and his patron the Khamenei Dictatorship in Iran, simply place no value on human life. Never have. Never will.

  2. Zeinobia, it is totally sectarian. Assad is attacking all the Sunnis who are trying to end his Alawi dictatorship.

  3. Just read about Natasha Smith. Shame on you, Egypt.

    Tahrir square will be forever known as Raper's square.

  4. Evil, Evil, Evil. The babies crying for a mama. Ya Raab, have mercy, ya Raab. Our own worries of the world are nothing compared to the pain of these little babies.


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