Friday, June 15, 2012

And the next President will make us laugh till cry without doubt !!

Regardless of who will become the next president of Egypt , I am sure there will be upcoming jams he will say in his speeches and interview. 

Ahmed Shafik and Mohamed Morsi proved to be the most entertaining presidential candidates with their jams in the past weeks. Ahram Online made a great report about their bizarre quotes that you must read.

They are the worst uncharismatic speakers in the world honestly  to level that it will make you cry on how the upcoming president of Egypt will be , the country of Nasser and Sadat is going to be ruled by one these two men !! Of course our condolence is that Mubarak was not a great speaker and he ruled us for 30 years !!!

Now all the indications show that Ahmed Shafik will be our next president unfortunately so you will find me sharing some of his jams like from his last interview with Emad Adeeb before the electoral silence more than Morsi !!

Adeeb “who is known for his support to Mubarak’s regime” asked Shafik how he described Mubarak’s regime as “dictatorship” where as he was part of it and at the same time how someone who was a member in such regime would lead a civilian democratic state. You can watch the video after the break in Arabic

Shafik : I am not a dictator in my own house !!

The answer of Shafik was :

I am not a dictator in my house

Then after reminding Adeeb that he was a part of the Mubarak regime and Adeeb tells that he is running for presidency , Shafik says :

The regime is dictatorship but those work under it in their positions are not dictators , if they are small dictators in their positions then it is not a dictatorship regime !!

Do not even ask !!

People in the studio laughed and the big Mubarak supporter had to tell them that they should stop because it is not a joke !!!!

Since his famous “ I killed and get killed” on ONTV appearance with Alaa Al Aswany in the famous debate in February 2011 and Shafik was sure leading the bizarre quotes race in Egypt. 

The ultimate jam he said that was in his interview with Moatez El Damerdesh tops everything he said.

Ahmed Shafiq : The nature of the valley inhabitants

Ahram Online dear friends Hatem Maher and Sherif Tarek could not easily translate its beginning in to English

If you try to make (a missing word!) in your artificial line today, some corners will change to hate more just because he (no one knows who that is) is not on your side now, of course."

but another dear friend translated it as it is

If you try to make on your side today the industrial… Some corners will turn into more hater than just not on your side

On other hand I am deeply concerned and offended about what he said regarding the valley’s inhabitants because it shows how he really thinks about Egyptians “Easily driven” .

It is really easy to regain what you lost, this is the nature of the valleys' residents, especially if our valley's weather is nice, especially with our weather. Our valley has a canal that separates the east from the west. In addition, the labour in our valley would only cost dimes. All these are elements of preference, so why don't they come here? The planes pass above us to take the brand factories from Europe and deliver them to China and Malaysia, and lately, unfortunately, take them to Indonesia, where the weather is a million times worse than ours, and on 3000 islands and so tiring. We just lack credibility in the system of the Egyptian rule. And as I told you (TV presenter Moataz El-Demerdash) before, the residents of the valleys can be easily lived with and driven

Some say he was drunk, other say that he was tired “what he will do if he is elected as a president !!?”  but according to doctors as well friends who take tranquilizers , this man is on tranquilizers and this is another reason I am concerned from his decision as a president.  Not that I am not concerned from Morsi’s decisions as a president but because I know Shafik has become the president idol already. This combination is much worse for any country.

I will not speak about his Arabic or grammar but the man needs lessons in Arabic language just like King Abdullah II of Jordan if he is going to be the president of Egypt , the leading country in the Arab world because our Arab brothers and sisters noticed his poor Arabic language in the speeches. Ironically he needs to read more Holy Quran loud to adjust how he pronounces certain words.


  1. @Z
    Shafic looks exhausted!
    Do you know if his behavior during the interview was caused by alcohol, drugs, tranquilizers, or what?


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