Friday, June 15, 2012

Regarding the presidential elections runoffs

After less than 12 hours the polling stations in Egypt will open its doors to receive theoretically not less than 50 million voters who choose between Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafik or to invalidate their votes or even to boycott it on two days "Satuday and Sunday"

According to presidential elections' first stage's elections the the majority of the voters boycotted the elections "nearly 30 millions" but of course most of these 30 millions didn't boycott for political reasons like some think.There is a fear that there will be wide boycotting and people do not show in the polling stations as much as it is needed to make it look successful and this is why SCAF as well the Muslim brotherhood launched a campaign against boycotters.

I know both men do not represent the revolution or deserve the title of "The president of the second republic" in reference to the civilian state after 60 years of military rule. I know one of them will be the 5th president of Egypt who starts his reign in the most critical time not in Egypt but in the Arab world. It is enough that on Monday one of them will be announced as the winner while it is unclear what his powers are till SCAF will issue a new constitutional declaration with the president's powers in the upcoming hours or days , may be they need to know who the president will be.

Most indications show that Shafik will be the president especially with the judicial arrest powers of the military police , the supreme constitutional court's verdict to dissolve the parliament , the return of all Mubarak's NDP cronies and men and the terrible campaign against MB that tells anybody that they are going to be crucified so soon. "Many Egyptians now believe that the MB are going to sell the Suez canal to Qatar"

The position of the Muslim brotherhood after what happened last Thursday is amazing : complete silence , is it the calm after the storm I do not know. Will there be new talks between Khairat El Shater and Anan in those hours ?? God and few humans in Egypt only know !!

everybody knows it will be like hell after the presidential elections , there is lots of fear without doubt. It is crazy time. I do not know if it is worse than 1954 or better but I am praying to God for the sake of the martyrs who died in the past months that their dream comes true.

I do not know what I am going to do tomorrow , I know choosing Shafik is out of question for me so I have got these options : To vote for Morsi , To invalidate my vote or To boycott the runoffs altogether.

I am exhausted , in fact all the youth as well the people are exhausted. There is reason behind prolonging the transitional period.


  1. As we all know that SCAF will not allow MB to be in power, either they will cheat in the election or there will be a military coup if Morsy wins..regardless that i can't see Morsy as a president, but there is no reason for us to fear the Ruling of MB and Morsy cause simply SCAF will not hand in power to Morsy even if he wins.

    So what's our biggest fear ? If Shafik wins in a fair election, that way we will be giving legitimacy to the Army to rule Egypt forever. Mubarak did all what he did with no you can imagine what Shafik will do if he wins in a fair elections with a legitimate power!

    The 2 options i can see is not Either Morsy or Shafik will be the next president, but the 2 real options ( either Shafik will be the president with fair elections, or Shafik will be a president with cheating or there will be a military coup ).

    Cheating for Shafik or a military Coup will take the legitimacy from SCAF! and this way we can revolt and confront SCAF while being backed up with Egyptians and Backed up with the whole world like what happened in the 25th revolution. but if Shafik wins a fair election we will not be able to do anything.

    Boycotting or voting for Shafik will lead him to win in a fair elections and that will be a disaster, we will live in guilt and shame in front of the whole world and in front of the next generations, and by this time i believe we will never forgive whomever helped him to win such election by voting to him or boycotting.

    these are a historical moments! staying silent and passive is not the right answer! let's do what we should do and may Allah help us

  2. I'd say vote for Morsi. At least he has a plan for fixing Egypt, modelled on Turkey, and putting aside all the "Islamic Reference" stuff, it's a solid program. Shafik has no economic or social plans, other then reinstating the Mubarak regime.

    Plus, let the MB have the task of weeding out the Felool in the next four years, they're strong enough to do it, and then we'll have another try in 2016.


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