Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Big busy Day For the new President and For Egyptians as well

Ok I can’t keep the news , I feel so tired.
You must know that there are on going negotiations between SCAF and MB from one side and MB and political powers from another side and ElBaradei is heading these negotiations.
Most speculations speak about national coalition government headed by Non MB politician where important ministries “Interior, foreign affairs and Justice” will be appointed by SCAF as well the intelligence..etc.
There are two liberal names leaked to head the future cabinet are ElBaradei and Ziyad Bahaa El Din of Egyptian Social Democratic Party . Personally I wish the next PM will be ElBaradei
Of course minister of defense is appointed by SCAF according to the Constitutional Declaration annex”
The Vice president position is expected to be occupied by Non MB politicians as well. Muslim brotherhood websites say Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh accepted the position of VP yet according to my sources I know that he suggested Al Wasat Party leader Abu Ela Mady.
Now today was extremely busy one for the new elected president.
He meant to the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis for the first time where he sat at the Presidential office.
The new president in his office 
Then he met former PM Ganzoury whose cabinet resigned earlier today before heading to the ministry of defense where he met SCAF members. “Do not ask me why they go and meet him please because I am really really tired”
With SCAF members
Now these photos are from the backstage of his speech yesterday. He spoke from the Egyptian State TV studios in Mokktam area not from Maspero from security reasons which I totally understand.

We do not know if Morsi is going to swear in front of the Parliament or not or if he is going to swear in front of the constitutional court or not.

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  1. Mohamed El Naschie is hoping for a post as a Minister of Science or Minister of Education when Morsy's Cabinet is formed. I have mixed feelings about that. It would be a travesty, of course, because El Naschie is a charlatan; but it certainly would keep my blog in business for a while longer.


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