Monday, June 25, 2012

Morsi Meter : We will watch you Mr. President

Mohamed Morsi has not spent one single night in the Presidential palace and yet the Egyptian youth began to watch him very very carefully as a civil servant and not as a pharaoh.

Now we got the famous : Morsi Meter Website

This website simply lists Morsi’s first one hundred days 64 promises regarding security , bread, traffic, fuel crisis and cleanness and will watch out the progress of Morsi regarding these promises day by day.

After 100 day we will see what he will achieve and we will hold him accountable.

Al Shorouk newspaper is calling its readers online to write letters to the new president with their needs , wants and hopes.


  1. 100 days is a bit short isn't it ? Who has ever been able to achieve anything in 100 days in Egypt ? :)

    1. Davor, speed? You forget that Egypt invented IBM (Inshallah, Bokra, Ma3lesh)!

  2. What he can deliver will all depend on the military, parliament and the new constitution.

    I wish you luck.

  3. Z please try to get hold of the video of France 24 English today the programme called the Debate with Nader Omran being interviewed!!!! and write a post on it.

    Unbelievable TV that was!!!!!!

    Israeli guests talking about Egypt respecting treaties and international laws in the debate when Omran went all out on them!!!

    A Must see!!!

  4. Egyptians toppled a president in 18 days!!
    7000 years of history and still making headlines around the world!

  5. Oh I wish it had an english translation. It's a good idea, to help remind him of his promises, although with the "deal" if one was made, (only makes sense) perhaps like Obama, he cannot please all the people either. I'd love to read it in english.

  6. YAY! I found it in English here:

  7. U.S. Congressman calls for an end to Egypt's $2 billion annual aid. "Egypt should not be rewarded with taxpayer money for threatening to cut ties with Israel."

    1. Anon says
      Interesting calling it $2 billions US annual aid to Egypt, while $1.3-to-1.5 billions of it goes as "military aid" to the US arm manufacturers benefits.When would people wake up????? How is peace treaty links to military aids to both sides ? what kind of peace it is ???

  8. The American foreign policy burueacracy values the ability to exert influence in other regions. In order to do this it is necessary to actually have influence among other states. Political transitions lead to adaptions in application of policy and this one will be the same. The Congress, for the most part, does not have foreign policy ideas a such; what it has are appeals to specific domestic constituents that can't work as foreign policy or even be implemented and thus are ignored by the executive branch, no matter which party is in power (they key unspoken objectives often remain constant for decades).

    The presidency and the executive branch shows little to no willingness to volunatarily abandon the ability to intervene in other regions of the world. It therefore is going to simply try to continue working with the new governments (if it worked with dictatorships it will have no choice but to work with the new systems). Whatever objections are raised by Congress will be overriden and smothered by the president and the parts of the government with the most control over foreign policy.

  9. Well, its been decades since I came across the brotherhood manifesto, it was progressive, modern, it stressed on ethics,values, education, self expression,education and technology etc..Now its that time when shouting and talking and preaching has got to stop and start to apply and deliver, The brotherhood can talk the talk, but can it walk the walk? the proof of the pudding is in the eating, I will be watching and listening.

  10. Anon Says;
    Trying to analyze so called American foreign policy. How can one makes sense of USA engage for decades in the so called "cold war" againd the global comunism (USSR, Eastern Europe, China and the "devil Cuba") and when comunism collapsed in USSR & Eastern Europe, the USA makes China the hottest trading partner !!! ignoring all eastern Europe ???? What will make china be friend with the USA?what difference it makes???
    What standard in Saudi Arabia & the Gulph states makes the USA that happy dealing with them as brothers & sisters ? God help humanity comprehends this so called symbol of democracy !

  11. I love this, i am going to try to learn to build such a website for UK. Except, all the current government's promises, despite having two parties combined, they both broke all their promises I think. So we have achieved something new!!!! What Egypt needs is mass literacy. When Ireland joined the EU, it got lots of EU money, which it spent on a mass literacy campaign, because lots of old Irish people and some poor ones couldn't read (it's very, very rural). Wouldn't the UN give you money for this? But i love this idea. There is an excellent website someone did in the UK, where you can choose policies and then find out which party you voted for. Unfortunately, the Nazi party policies are a bit obvious!Otherwise works surprisingly well.


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