Monday, June 25, 2012

Morsi’s First Presidential Speech

And Mohamed Morsi has addressed the Egyptian people for the first time tonight as a president.
Mohamed Morsi’s first presidential speech
In classical Arabic Morsi started his speech with verses of Holy Quran with many examples and styles taken from Islamic heritage especially the famous Omar Ibn El Khatab’s speeches. He saluted the martyrs as well the army , the police , the judiciary and for the first time in the history of Presidential speeches in Egypt : The Egyptian intelligence.
He also made sure to make it clear that Egypt respects all the treaties it signed aka Peace treaty with Israel.
I am sorry if I missed other points in the speech but honestly I am so tired.
Personally I believe the greatest role Morsi is playing currently is putting an end to the Presidential cult in the land of the Pharaoh.
This speech is not recorded in the Egyptian TV building aka Maspero in Downtown Cairo for reasons related to security as far as I understand. It is the first Egyptian Presidential speech to be recorded at the new TV studios in Moktam which is secured by the army.
Commander of presidential guards salutes President Morsi
After the speech Morsi returned to his home , his apartment in New Cairo which is secured currently by the Presidential guard.
Tomorrow we will  know more about the VPs and the future of the new cabinet.
US President Obama has already called Morsi from short time ago according to the US embassy in Cairo.
Now thanks to tweep Hany Fakhry we got the front pages of Monday's newspapers

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