Sunday, June 24, 2012

The 5th President of Egypt is ….Mohamed Morsi

The presidential elections committee “PEC” has announced that Mohamed Morsi  is the 5th President of Arab republic of Egypt by  of the 51.54% votes.

Thousands are celebrating in Tahrir square currently. I see floods of the Egyptian flags. The protesters say  "We will not leave , the military leave"
On the other hand the supporters of Shafik are crying in front of his Presidential campaign HQ cursing Tantawy and Mubarak and chanting "Down with the military rule"

I am happy that Ahmed Shafik has lost and I am happy that after #Jan25 we got the first civilian , a university professor to rule Egypt. Mursi is the fifth President of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the 16th ruler of Egypt since 1805.He is the second political prisoner after Sadat to become the president of Egypt.
Egypt's new Era from huffington Post , yes the dancing
I am happy that I will be an opponent to the Muslim brotherhood.

I think now I would say with all confidence that the Muslim brotherhood reached to a deal with SCAF.
@06:08 PM
Morsi has resigned from the Muslim brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party , he is expected to address the Egyptian people shortly.
Mohamed Morsi is going to address the Egyptian people shortly on the Egyptian state TV that started to kiss his ass.
Here are some nice tweets from around twitter showing different reactions

Now there are hundreds of thousands in Tahrir square celebrating Mursi's victory.
Tahrir this afternoon "Reuters"
Here is Tahrir square today through the lens of Jonathan Rashad

On the other hand the supporters of Shafik are more than hysterical to the level that they are cursing Tantawy and the Egyptian army after praising the army last night !! It is an irony when Shafik's supporters are now chanting "Down with the military rule" and Tantawy sold the country to the Palestinians !!


  1. Any reaction from the military yet?

  2. Need more info about his wife and children, please.

  3. Sudanese Observer6/24/2012 06:06:00 PM

    Congratulations on the first democratic election of an Egyptian President.

    One of his first international tests will be how he will engage with Sudan.

    The demands of the Sudanese demonstrators are the same as those of the Egyptians and any unprincipled engagement with the corrupt Sudanese regime will not be forgiven by the Sudanese people.

    As Egypt moves towards moderate Islamism, Sudan is uprising against its Islamists.

  4. I do concur it gives sign of backdoor negotiations. Holding declaration of official results for several days, while the results were internally signed-off, was SCAF means to force a deal. These rumors, including fake alerts of Mubark health, was a backdrop disinformation campaign. It was a drill to secure SCAF safe and favorable position.

    I hope for the best but it will not come soon. Morsi inherited a heavy load, tense demands, very powerful vocal and street opposition, and potential escalation with SCAF. One wild card is the national figures who aligned lately with Morsi to defeat the last of Mubark. How long these figures will stay in his side before defecting to the formidable opposition.

  5. Excellent and clever move to resign the Muslim brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party.

  6. zeinoubia, opposition to politics is healthy but right now lets put differences aside and build a system in which all shades of muslim voices can be heard and respected alongside peoples of other faiths whatever they be. The tenents of any god fearing souls morals will stress justice, forgivness, love and peace. Lets stress these commonalities.

  7. Ahavat Eretz Israel6/24/2012 07:10:00 PM

    A big mistake!

  8. If the economy does not improve soon, the people will demand Morsi's head in a year or two.

  9. to anon above me: if ppl want dr.mursi to repair decades of destruction by mubarak regime in a year or two,then they are fools.

  10. Our economy is bad only because it is infested by Felool, who don't want the revolution to succeed.

    I wonder whether we will hear now again them bragging about how proud they are to be Felool.

  11. Anon Says
    Do some research on MB connection with Freemasons and it will help you digest the current plan in the Middle East. Keep Egypt Backward (let people blame it on religion), divide society, then all drive all ME in that direction (it is easier when Egypt lead). Your enemies are now happy, your fictitious friends are happier getting the gulph oil they want. Same scenario happened in Iran when the Shah opted to modernize his country, push science and technology education, and keep full control of oil production. Then see what happened afterward in Iran. They created Khomeini, kept him in France, placed him in Iran, make him promote the equivalent of MB protocol, get the country backward by decades.....And when they had another enemy in the region (saddam) they helped the khomeini regim to fight him (Iran-Contra affair). After that Iran is the enemy again. It is like Hollywood production....


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