Monday, June 4, 2012

The Demands of Tahrir June 2012 edition

What do the protesters of Tahrir square in Cairo and other angry squares in the country want this time ?
Here is list of complied demands as I have gathered them in the past 48 hours :
  • A presidential council made from Hamdeen Sabbahi , Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh , Khaled Ali , Mohamed Mursi and Mohamed ElBaradei.
  • The resignation or the dismissal of Abdel Maguid Mahmoud , the public prosecutor
  • Purging the judiciary system and prosecution system
  • Revolutionary trials for Mubarak and his men
  • Banning Ahmed Shafik from running in the elections.
  • Cancelling the results of the presidential elections’ first stage and having a new presidential elections.
These are the main demands I complied from left to right in the past 48 hours.I used to have hope after seeing the incredible sudden anger of the public in no time across the country but now I fear it is fading away and we will return to block no.1.
Abu El Fotouh , Sabbahi and Mohamed Mursi are having currently a meeting to discuss what they will do regarding the runoffs , I do not know if the Presidential council will be on the table or not as the Muslim brotherhood believes it is unconstitutional. I do not know why I do not have high hope.
I have always thought that idea of having a presidential council is not good because simply our Egyptian culture does not have this concept of team leadership , it is one man show. For God sake all those men were attacking each other madly in the elections how will they agree on one thing sincerely !!!???
The problem is not in the protesters or their demands even if they seem to be impossible , the problem is that there is unified leadership that can guide these messes and turn them in to a real power and I am not speaking about partisan organization. There is no leadership unfortunately in the scene capable of standing to the people’s hope in Egypt.


  1. The result of the elections wouldn't have changed much even if there were irregularities. It was the revolutionary representitives' fault for acting like selfish egotistical politicians.

    The problem with the trials was with the prosecutor not the judges.



    1. It's. not the fault of the revolutionaries. They just didn't realise that the majority of Egyptians wanted the old regime or clerical fascists

  2. Interesting question here that sums up everything: Should the elections get cancelled and we start a new one, will any of the candidates withdraw for another?
    Don't have high hopes, but don't lose faith either.

  3. I agree it's unfortunate that Shafik and Morsy got the most votes, but I don't see how a "do-over" can be justified. To quote Barack Obama shortly after his 2008 win, "elections have consequences".

    1. Elections in "established" are almost fair. Our elections were faulty to begin with, because we did not realize that we are doing democracy with 40% illiterates who are grateful for guidance on how (and whom) to vote or (even worse) who are upset that they can not sell their vote anymore.

      We rushed into democracy without knowing how this system works. But the army knew all to well and they trapped us in a system which had consequences that we could not foresee. We just thought that Shafik would never even get close to the majority. Which was right, but we did not expect that our final choice would be reduced to two candidates where both got less than 15% approval of the electorate. This is not democracy. It is a flaw that needs to be fixed.

  4. The election commission should have at least taken a serious look at some of the electoral violation charges, and in an objective fashion. If they found nothing, fine, then there was no serious problem. But if there was, then something would need to be done about it. Political institutions influenced or indirectly conrolled by any military cannot be trusted to act responsibly so an close eye must be kept on such entities at all times.


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