Monday, June 4, 2012

Prisoner Mohamed Hosni Mubarak : Wait for season Two of the trial of the century

Now after 48 hours of the unforgettable Cairo Criminal Court’s verdict against Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s former 4 president and the 1st Arab ruler to be imprisoned for life according to normal court.
I can’t ignore the fact Mubarak is the first Arab ruler who is currently in jail alive for a crime committed against his own people.
The sick man of Middle East behind bars
According to news report Mubarak is now in the Torah prison hospital. Some news repots claim that he was given the infamous blue prison suit and a prison number. Of course his photo wearing the blue prison suit will be one of the historical shots. I do not know if we are going this shot. “By the way the watch Mubarak wore in the trial is interesting , some believe it is a 50 Fathom 18K Rose Gold Blancpain watch worth of $ 21,600 !!
We are angry because according to that verdict Mubarak can be set free in the appeal because he is not prosecuted for the murder of the protesters but rather for not protecting the protesters. It will be the second season of the Trial of The century.
Anyhow I believe that Mubarak will not get out from the jail alive because he is the scapegoat the military sacrificed , Robert Fisk’s expectation regarding the Mubaraks’ fate may be true : The old man dies in jail where as his offspring Alaa and Gamal will leave the country. It is realistic way of thinking.
Of course now the prosecution got tons of reports and accusations of corruption facing the Mubaraks in an attempt to absorb the people’s anger and demands to dismiss Abdel Maguid Mahmoud, the current public prosecutor should have resigned from long time.
We are angry because all El Adly’s aides are released as if these protesters were not killed and we are making up all this despite the mounting evidence of eye witnesses’ accounts and thousands of video clips. I fear that sooner the families of martyrs and victims or even the young frustrated protesters make their vengeance by their own hand.
Strangely SCAF and security authorities know that and this is why we find an army of security forces protecting the houses of the released police generals in the past 24 hours.
I do not think that there is a revolution or an uprising that has been recorded on video like ours , just go to YouTube and type #Jan25 or Day of rage and names of Egyptian governorates , you will find evidences in front of your eyes documenting the brutality of the Police forces.
You must know the Pro-Shafik team is preparing the public to accept that the Muslim brotherhood killed the protesters during the revolution !!! The problem is some people due to their hate and fear from MB can buy this especially we are speaking about a strong media machine got nothing except to prove this whether online or offline.
I do not regret supporting the Normal courts and judiciary system route because nothing wrong in my way of thinking , the good way of thinking that believed that this is the best thing compared to the agonies resulted  and that there are good people in judiciary system. I was wrong regarding the last part. I will not stand against revolutionary courts if we have the opportunity despite their disadvantages.
The judiciary system must be purged and reformed.


  1. It is the $21000 watch, see bigger picture, found from The Angry Arab News Service

  2. Egyptians are making still big mistakes and heading to complete disaster in 2 weeks. When the Free Officers revolted in 52'. Did they go and ask the deposed king to endorse and rubber stamp their demands? of course not. Thats because it was a real revolution and they scrapped the old system. Revolutionaries took the control then let it go because of lack of maturity and knowledge and constant inability to unite over petty in fighting and look where it led you to. Weekends spent in Sokhna on Twitter and the odd Tahrir rally does not a revolution make! Instead of half the nonsense on Twitter you all should have been uniting, electing a spokesperson, forming a party, getting into the elections, but you spent 16 months crying and waving flags and spraying grafitti on walls! Gigi Ibrahim and Co got lost in the celebrity aspect of it all. Instead of getting out to the villages and towns with the poor and the people her lot with Mona Telahawy went into studios in English media!!! Writing in English blogs!!! then you cry the villagers are voting Shafik! If SCAF refused to secure the streets then there are plenty unemployed youth who should have taken over rather than just securing them on rally at Tahrir days. Proper committees set up for Gods sake! Then you would not be looking at the disater you are now because you would have been actually doing something instead of sitting in Cilantro tweeting for hours and days on end. you had it in the palm of your hand then lost it because of immaturity and lack of political awareness and refusing to get out into the villages and helping them.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth _ whoever u are ?

    2. I agree with most of your comments, but you have to realize that 60 years of military dictatorship did not allow Egyptians to mature politically because Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak eliminated all opposition parties and suppressed free flow of speech and ideas to flourish.
      This revolution is in its political phase and should come to fruition when it completes its cultural and social phases.

  3. Well said Anonymous #2, couldn't have been said better.


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