Saturday, June 2, 2012

#Tahrir is back with lots of anger everywhere !!

Not less than 100,000 Egyptians are currently in Tahrir square protesting against the court verdicts of Mubarak’s trial. The scene from Tahrir square is breathtaking @ 8:22 PM.

There are no partisan signs or flag ,only Egyptian flags with chants against SCAF , Anan , Mubarak and Egyptian judiciary. There are no stages and according to everybody there is something uniting the protesters there and it is anger. The protesters are all background, classes and all political forces. You got liberals, leftists,Islamists including Salafists as well Ultras groups form Ahly and Zamalek sports club not to mention independent Egyptians.
Tahrir square Saturday night "Reuters"
I do not know if there will be a sit in or not but I hope there will be a sit in. There are security checkpoints in Tahrir square. Presidential candidates Hamdeen Sabbahi , Khaled Ali and Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh arrived to the square. Sabbahi got a hero reception where he was carried over the protesters shoulders.
Needless to say there are no common set of demands, some suggest a presidential council while others suggest banning Ahmed Shafik from presidential elections and purging prosecution and judiciary.
Hamdeen's reception in Tahrir "Reuters" 
Muslim brotherhood presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi held a press conference at Mansour street near the ministry of interior tonight at 7 PM where he gave a lot of promises regarding justice if he is elected as a president !!!!!! 
If you think it is only in Cairo , think again because it is 8:35 PM and there are protests all over the country from north and south. There are protests in Alexandria , Suez , Ismailia, Tanta, Mansoura, Sohag, Marsa Matrouh , Monufia, Port Said,Qena, Mahalla, Sharkia and Aswan in matter of hours.
Here is a photo from the city of Damietta in its biggest squares by Mohamed Mansour.

Here is a photo from Al Arish now showing march in the famous 26 July street by my friend Mohamed Sabry.  There are women, children, Christians , tribesmen, Salafists and liberal youth in that protest.

Here is a video broadcast by Sabry from Al Arish.
Even Monufia , the stronghold of NDP protested today from RNN.

Here is a photo album for the protest in Bani Sawif.
Here is a photo from Aswan by @Hamasiita who says that the number of protesters has not been seen before in the city.

Numbers are between hundreds and thousands. The biggest protest outside Cairo is by far in Alexandria and the most violent up till now is in Suez as clashes started between the protesters and security forces protecting the governorate HQ.
The Egyptian TV is claiming that people are celebrating the verdict all over the country !! The admin of SCAF FB warns everybody and says that Egypt is above all !! The Pro –Shafik supporters warn from Muslim brotherhood takeover !! To be honest I do not see this Islamist takeover on the contrary tonight reminds me with the 18 days , full square with ideologies or stages or anything.


  1. Muslim Brotherhood, swallow the pride and announce presidential council!

    It would be the best for Egypt. It would satisfy a lot of people if Morsi, Sabbahi, Fotouh and others would form it.

  2. The only way they may achieve their goal is to continue to sit in.

  3. Thanks Z

    Do you have or have link to full speech of Rifaat today, not just the verdict part?

  4. Hope is kindled.

    Truly incredible to see Tahrir buzzing once more and its a momentous step forward, however with no clear direction to unite support it might not hold fast.

    If clear demands cannot be agreed then perhaps an alternative route towards a civil council (excluding SCAF) is the best possible compromise?

  5. What yqxo suggested sounds like an interesting idea. Sometimes political leaders need to actually act in a visionary manner and be willing to do something bold and effective by taking a longer term view. There would be difficulties and obstacles but it is an option to contemplate and perhaps implement.

  6. At this moment the Egypt situation is the leading headline on Drudge Report. "EGYPT TENSE" it says. They link to this Guardian article.

  7. I am opposed to capital punishment generally. Mubarak must be all the life in prison together with his sons and the members of the government, responsible to the murders of the people of the Arab spring.
    Isabella from Italy

  8. Can the Egyptian government request the International Trial Court to handle the Mubarak case?

  9. yes and there is talk of ratifying the Rome Statute to get him into the ICJ in Hague. Interestingly both USA and Israel are only two of the few reamining to not recognise the International Justice court!!

  10. Please see the ICC member states world map.


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