Tuesday, June 5, 2012

#Tahrir Tuesday Protest : heading back to the Square

Today thousands will head back to Tahrir square through marches and protests in order to express their refusal to the candidacy of Ahmed Shafik as main demand. This Tuesday protest is called Justice Tuesday !!

There will be marches from several places in Cairo and Giza including Mostafa Mahmoud square and El Giza square. It is expected that former presidential candidates Hamdeen Sabbahi , Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh and Khaled Ali will lead these protests and marches headed to Tahrir square.

The streets are crowded as it is a day in the middle of the week as well it is extremely hot.

There will be marches from places in Alexandria.

The Ultras groups are participating in the protests including Ultras Ahlawy 07

Most protests and marches will start at 5 PM CLT.

@5:17 PM CLT

Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi has arrived to Mostafa Mahmoud square protest where couple of thousands are already waiting.

Here is a photo showing the protesters at Mostafa Mahmoud square by Khaled Baramwy.

You can watch the Mostafa Mahmoud from Ana Mubshar’s Live broadcast

There were small protests earlier this morning in Kafr El Sheikh governorate which is considered a stronghold for Hamdeen Sabbahi. According to Freedom and Justice Party officials in the governorate , their members are being mobilized in Cairo.

Khaled Ali is at El Fatah Mosque in Giza along with couple of thousands as well. You can watch the march from El Fatah Mosque from Ana Mubshar Live broadcast. There are members of April 6th Youth Movement along with their flags participating in the march.

@5:40 PM CLT

Famous activist and protester Ahmed Harara is at the march in Mostafa Mahmoud square.

Hundreds of thousands are already protesting in Tahrir square. MP Mohamed El Beltagy of Freedom and Justice Party is in Tahrir square.

Here is a photo showing the march of El Istamqa mosque from Twitter

@5:49 PM CLT

Abu El Fotouh has arrived at Mostafa Mahmoud square by Mohamed Abdel Wahab

Here is Tahrir square from 3 minutes ago by Omnia Khalil.

@6:44 PM

The Ultras march began to move from Ahly club , we are speaking about hundreds of protesters here who are chanting against Ahmed Shafik. Here is a photo by Bassem Yanni.

Protesters in the march heading from Mostafa Mahmoud square to Tahrir square are bringing down the posters and billboards of Ahmed Shafik in the way. Here is a photo by  dear Tarek Shalaby showing the march in Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz street.

There have been protests in Sharkia earlier today where hundreds protested against Shafik.

@7:29 PM CLT

There are protests reported in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and Sharkia so far. There will be marches also in Asuit and Sohag.

There are three protests in Alexandria , one at the Northern military zone and the second one is at the Qade Ibrahim Mosque while the third is at Alexandria’s main court.

Here is the march at the court by Khaled Fahmy

The protest at the Qade Ibrahim Mosque is the biggest by far.

Here is a photo showing a match in Talaat Herb street,, Downtown Cairo from couple of hours ago by Aly Helby

Khaled Ali has arrived to the square.

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