Tuesday, June 5, 2012

#June5 : One quote that summarizes everything

Ok I found this quote from our famous and beloved 1973 commander late field marshal Abdel Ghani Gamasy (1921-2003)

The military man does not fit political, the reason behind our defeat in 1967 is the involvement of the army men in politics and its games and thus they could not find anything to present in the war field

May Allah bless all our men who gave their lives for this great nation whether in 1967 or in 1973.


  1. OMG Egyptian Chronicles readers must see this chart!!!!! WTF is up with you Egyptians???!! Seriously!? Holy shit... Apparently Egypt is World Headquarters for not only for Female genital mutilation (Zeinobia has linked to this Wikipedia article so no apologies), but for banal gynophobia.

  2. An asshole shit.

    The post talks about Egypt's heroes, and this ass talk about his genitals. I don't know if he doesn't read English, or if just like to show hus asshood.


    1. Please do not come down hard on Jason because he is a very healthy person, he is so healthy that he has no hemorrhoids, as a matter of fact he is a perfect ASSHOLE!

  3. رحم الله أبناء مصر الأبرار

  4. Instead of insulting me, why not address the chart.

  5. Don't shoot the messenger.

  6. For Arabic-speaking readers! شرح اعمق للريتروفيرس كأحد ادلة التطور Unfortunately, no Egyptian is ever likely to view it.

    Haha. Just trolling, guys. Don't be so serious all the time.

  7. This is a peace offering, haterzzz. TED talks has a short, fascinating lecture, in English, about Arabic influence on Western scientific notation. Why is X the unknown? Because of the letter ـش. Very interesting! Don't hate on me, guys. I love you all. If I were Egyptian and Zeinobia were running for the Shura council, or for Prez, I'd vote for her. (Which, judging by female representation in the graph I linked, is more than you twats can say.)


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