Thursday, June 7, 2012

Khaled Said’s murder Anniversary : The murder that changed the whole Arab world

Today marked the second anniversary of the murder that did not announce the beginning of gradual political change in Egypt only but also in the Arab world. I remember this when I read today a sweet tribute to Said from a Syrian Tweep living in Latakia.
I wonder what that police sheriff who gave the orders to those two policemen to beat the crap out of Said on that bloody night thinks today when he sees how thing changed since that moment.
There were silent stands across the country to commemorate Khaled Said across the country in several governorates like Alexandria , Cairo, Suez , Asuit , Sohag , Suez, Fayoum, Sharkia and Mansoura  .
In Cairo April 6 Youth Movement also commemorated its late member and 25TV reporter Nahla Mostafa who was died in a car accident on the same day in Alexandria after finishing an interview with Khaled Said’s mother. May Allah bless her soul thousand times.

Most of the famous activists in Egypt headed to Alexandria that witnessed rallies and stands across the Sea Corniche to mark the death of the young. The Khaled Said family started the day by visiting his tomb.
Mrs. Laila Marzouk reading Quran in front of her son's
tomb "Reuters"
His mother Mrs. Laila Marzouk announced that she will boycott the runoffs of the presidential elections adding that it is better to have presidential council. Mrs. Marzouk and her daughter Zohra have already declared their endorsement to Hamdeen Sabbahi.
Thousands of citizens participated in the rallies as well the silent stand across the Sea corniche.
This photo was taken at Said’s house from moments ago by Moatez Matar , the TV host who exposed the case of Khaled Said on TV before anyone.

Unfortunately I could not cover it alive in Cairo and I could not go to Alexandria to cover it either where the real action was but thank God for citizen journalists across the country.
Here is a photo showing the silent stand dedicated to Khaled Said at the Nile Corniche in Asuit , Upper Egypt by tweep Doaa Nasr

Here is a photo from Mansoura , in front of the security directorate earlier today by tweep Mohamed Ezz.

Here is a photo from Damietta by Revolutionary Socialist Students in Damietta.

Here is a photo from Sharkia by Shams Othmani

Among the organizers of today’s stands and marches : April 6th Youth movement “The two fronts” and Revolutionary socialists
Many of my friends in Alexandria who participated in the march were annoyed and angry on how the march turned from Khaled Said’s march to Hamdeen Sabbahy’s March.
Hamdeen Sabbahi in Alex today "Reuters"
 I do not have a problem that Sabbahy participates in the anniversary but to turn in to a parade to show his popularity was too much. I know he is popular in Alexandria but not to be the leader who is carried on shoulders in a march that is dedicated to another young man. We are fighting ruler idolism and yet we are falling in to the same trap !!
Anyhow the Ultras boys in Alexandria gave a lesson when they joined the marched and chanted “ We are here for the martyr , the groom not for a president” . God bless these boys.
Speaking about politicians , I must record something here : Yes I disagree with former president candidate Ayman Nour’s views and actions most of the time but I will never forget how he raise the case of Khaled Said before anyone in Egypt.


  1. I wish Americans had the courage to lead active protests against corruption, unfortunately we're all being pacified like babies. Continue unemployment benefits, food stamps, and other entitlements, keep the white man (I'm one) working and he will not protest-only continue to siphon off the government (not me).

  2. His death was unjustified and untimely and violent and it galvanised Egyptians against the former regime's iron fist.

    However no human life is more precious than another and the Arabic speaking world is actually quite big, his death did not change it.

    Your silence in condemning the death of Sudanese civil society leader and campaigner against the Egyptian occupation of Halayeb, Al-Tahir Hasaay, who was tortured to death by Egyptian security forces is shameful.


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