Friday, July 6, 2012

Belated Happy Independence Day Algeria

Yesterday Algeria celebrated the 50th anniversary of Algeria’s independence. It is a huge event already in Algeria , after all its independence from France was a big bitter military and political battle Arabs should study.
Algerian girl celebrates the independence from 50
years ago 
There will be big series of celebrations in Algeria starting from the 5th of July , expensive ones too as the Algerian president Boutflika allocated millions of dollars to celebrate the huge event in a very critical economic time.
Unfortunately we did not celebrate it in Egypt as we should , I am afraid the young generations in Egypt do not know how much Egypt stood with Algeria in the battle of its independence. It was from the epic moments of our history and of the Nasser era.
Algerian kids celebrate the independence from 50 years 
Personally I remember how my late granddad went and covered the war of independence of Algeria and I wish the day will come and I will be able to cover something in the same way he did it from 50 years ago. May Allah bless his soul and the souls of the Algerian independence war. 
Unfortunately I was not able to prepare any proper post for this great event. May be I will be able to do it later insh Allah.

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