Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Now he looks more than fine to me

Yesterday Something happened that no one paid attention enough to as it has become uninteresting frequent news in very tense time where Egyptians follow more important news like :The fate of consistent assembly , the fate of the cabinet and the new government , the new VP and the duality of rule between MB and SCAF. On Monday's evening we found out that public prosecutor Abdel Maguid Mahmoud has ordered the transfer of prisoner and ousted president Mubarak from Maadi Military hospital to Tora prison :))

Now State owned Al Akhbar newspaper published an exclusive photo by photographer Khaled Eid for Mubarak while leaving the hospital wearing white Polo shirt.

"does the photo look good or not ?"

He seems to be more than fine to me considering that he entered the Maadi hospital with heart failure/ clinical death to the end of ill fated diseases for a man in his age !!! The doctors in Maadi hospital are good.

Mubarak was sentenced 25 years in prison for killing the protesters in the early days of the revolution in the very famous controversial trial from two months ago.



  1. Good day Zee ,
    I can't believe that a man going through all this still insists on using this black hair die!!
    Regards ,

  2. He looks a little dead to me, Zeinobia, and like they are wheeling him out on a dolly cart. Look up the movie Weekend at Bernie's, you will see what I mean. I love your blog, my dear. I check in with you every day. Keep up the good work!

  3. They sure must be good!


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