Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#Syria Revolts : Battles continue in #Damascus

New Syria for all sects and ethnics 
For the third days in row clashes continued between Free Syrian army rebel forces and Syrian Arab army regime forces in certain areas of the Syrian capital Damascus that most of it still under El Assad's control.
The fight has restarted again between the two forces in Qaboon neighborhood which was controlled yesterday by FSA. Hundreds of local residents in Qaboon and neighbor areas began to leave. The fight has also restarted in El Midan area.
The Damascus airport is still open and working. Damscus-Homs high way is being closed and electricity has been cut off in certain areas in the capital in the past 48 hours.
The clashes are not limited in Damascus as other cities in various areas got their share.

Here is a video allegedly filmed and uploaded on YouTube today from Bazraa area in Damascus showing how the locals are leaving it due to the constant shelling.

Al Manar TV channel has just announced that Bashar El Assad will address Syrians next Sudnay claiming that he will declare that Syria will have a presidential elections next November. Some are hinting online to a Yemeni scenario , a scenario that was supported by politicians like Michel Kilo and some saw as a reality with the defection of Manaf Tlass. Speaking of the devil , Al Akhbar Lebanese newspaper which I can not classify or categorize has published a very interesting report in Arabic about the man who will play an important role as it seems insh Allah !!

Syrian National TV has announced that there was a suicide bombing in the National security building in Damascus , of course it did not say which National security building considering the fact that there are between 15-17 intelligence service in Syria !! From Local tweeps in Damascus the building is in front of Turkish embassy in Abu Remmaneh and the victims of that blasts have been transferred to a hospital called El Shami.
Updated :
The explosion killed Syrian minister of defense Dawoud Rajah  as well Bashar El Assad's brother in law Assaf Shawkat along with another number of officials according to the Syrian official TV !!!!  Now there are stories on how this bombing took place , some say that it was a suicide bombing that was carried out by Rajah's bodyguard who is believed to be defected. Other sources say that explosives were put in the building in a theory which I do not believe. I believe it was someone from inside .
Now The Islam brigadier forces in Damascus claimed responsibility using explosives , some say that there could be cooperation between both the group and that body.
The spokesperson of FSA told Al Watan newspaper that El Assad could be hiding at his hometown in Kardaha. Some are saying that he will escape to Russia along with his family soon !!
Syrians are extremely happy online.
Updated @3:25 now it is confirmed that Hassan El Turkmany , El Assad's security adviser was killed. The minister of interior was also killed.There are news about defections , lots and lots of rumors. UK now says that all options on the table and US and UK defense ministers say that chemical and biological arsenals are safe !!
The regime shabiha attacked neighborhoods most Sunni neighborhoods in Damascus killing civilians
Updated @9:13 PM : The security council decided to delay its meeting about Syria after what happened today to tomorrow as a lot can happen.
A defected doctor from the SAA scared the Arab world with his talk on Arab TV channels regarding the chemical arsenal of El Assad.
Of course today a bus full of Israeli tourists was attacked in Bulgaria and Hassan Nasrallah has just finished his angry Pro-El Assad speech that made lose more of his popularity among the Sunni world.
The Islamists especially the Salafists consider what happened in Syria as a holy victory speaking about the operation in Damascus as if it is like spreading Islam in it from 4000 years , I am terrified from the sectarian tune. Thanks to the Gulf Salafist preachers , it is a religious war where the Alawis and other minorities are tumors in the body of Syria that should be removed !! I am scared we are not changing a radical secular sectarian regime with radical salafist regime !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Egyptian activists along with members of Syrian community in Egypt tired to occupy Syrian embassy in Garden City in order to put on it the Syrian flag of independence this evening , the whole even turned to clashes with CSF where the old new stinky tear gas grenades of Mohamed Mahmoud used.
According to Syrian human rights observatory more than 60 SAA soldiers have been killed in the past 3 days. There are no causalities reported so from the FSA side. 525 Syrian refugee have already arrived to Turkey.
Now Lina Sinjab , the BBC correspondent in Damascus was invited by El Assad government to visit Bab Touma where the blast took place and she said that the residents did not hear anything nor the national security building seemed to be fine !! This was confirmed by Dutch journalist Van Hoorn to Hala Gourni !!
Did the blast take place in some sort of a banker !?

Last night tweets spread like fire on twitter asking the militias from outside Damascus heading allegedly to fight with the rebel forces to keep it quiet !! Seriously will these militias announce it on twitter !!
Now according to the military experts like for instance Dr. Adel Soliman in Egypt the FSA got the advantage of the gorilla war against the SAA which is a traditional army that is not used to this type of war in cities.

Now there is uncertain news I found on twitter from journalists that FSA may halt the operations in Damascus due to logistic problems !! It seems that the FSA underestimated the power of the capital !!Of course this could be psychological warfare rumor.

The Arab Medic union relief in the Doctors' syndication in Egypt headed by former presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh is collecting donations for Syria as well for Free Syrian army, yes you can donate to FSA that the Arab Medic union.

The Egyptian embassy in Damascus and the ministry of foreign affairs in Cairo announced that 3 Egyptian businessmen have disappeared while in their way to Damascus airport officially. Their families asked President Morsi to interfere.
Yesterday an Egyptian was killed in Qabbon !!
Extremely graphic !!

Now Egyptian tweeps especially those from the Islamists are repeating some unconfirmed info like for instance that 

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