Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The photo of the week : From Homs

This photo was taken from two days in Homs , in Jourit Al Shayah By Lens Young Homsi

There is no comment I think of when I see this destruction that reminds me with the WWII photos !! 


  1. The Israeli pigs were doing the same in Gaza and no one was bothering to send them arms and fund them from the Gulf.
    It's a very sad day for Muslims and Arabs when Al Jazeera (Qatar) and Al Arabeya (Saudi) are celebrating with Israels Channel 2 on the work of suicide bombers in Damascus and Homs.
    The Gulf has broken moral compass indeed.

    1. Do you think that if you repeat the code word "Israel" many times eventually the Syrians stop fighting the dictator Assad?

      Is it a code word embedded in hypnosis into the Arab mind so whenever an Arab dictator wants to do something bad to his people, he justifies it with the word "Israel", and everybody shuts up?

    2. In Gaza around 1400 Palestinian people died (according to the Palestinian Health Ministry), and the fighting was stopped after 3 weeks, due to diplomatic pressure.
      In Syria more than 16,000 Syrian people died till now (according to the FSA), and the fighting goes on for over a year now, with no end in sight.
      It seems that the person with broken moral compass is you.

    3. I am not an Arab. I am English born and bred and have every right to speak out about the Israeli pigs and what they do. This is one English woman who is not afraid of what you may call anti semitic comments my dear!

      400 children murdered in 3 weeks and I will repeat it as loud and as many times as I want.

    4. This is one English woman who is not afraid of what you may call anti semitic comments my dear!"

      But you're afraid to sign your name to your antisemitic comments. My dear.

    5. Let's see, a self proclaimed "English lady" who doesn't care about the thousands of Syrians getting killed, but "cares" about the Palestinians ... -

      Asma al-Assad, is that you?

  2. "Israeli pigs"? That's not very nice.

    1. I'm sure that the mothers of the burned and maimed children of Gaza call them far worse names!

    2. why do every day to shoot rockets into civilian towns?
      and then yell when shooting at a meet missilemen who hide among the narrow streets?
      Where is the logic?


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