Thursday, July 19, 2012

And the Black Box is sealed forever !!

Omar Suleiman "1939-2012"
Reuters as well State owned MENA has reported that former VP/presidential candidate/GIS chief Omar Suleiman “1939-2012” has died in a US hospital while undergoing some tests. The news is confirmed by his assistant Hussein Kamel “The man behind Omar Suleiman” .
We know nothing about the cause of death but it is well known that the man who head GIS for 16 years more than any other man since 1954 suffered from heart problems that made me wonder already why he would run for presidency !! A source in GIS told Sky News Arabia that Suleiman has some sort of blood related disease !!
His body will return back home in 24 hours and he will have a military funeral as he was an army general. The golden question now : Will President Mohamed Morsi attend the funeral of Omar Suleiman ??
Update : The Presidency will issue a statement about Suleiman shortly.  
Muslim brotherhood and Al Nour Party are going to participate in the funeral according t Al Masry Al Youm 
Ironically we knew that he was staying in UAE all that time and that’s why many Egyptians believe that he leading the counter revolution there along with former PM and presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq !!
The Omar Suleiman groupies now are wondering if foreign parties are standing behind his death !! Well a security source aka intelligence denied this and said there is no criminal suspicion in his death , the man was sick for God sake !!

“I am the black box” This is how the general as his supporters used to call him described himself in an interview during the presidential elections adding that the Muslim brotherhood did not want this black box to be opened. Well he was right , he was the black box thanks to the position he held for so many years. Not only the Muslim brotherhood feared from that Black Box but let’s say some countries and leaders feared from what he may know.
Now that black box is sealed forever.
Despite doing the most controversial and hated Spy Chief in Egypt after Salah Nasr I do not think that he wrote his memories revealing history from his own of view. Already to be honest he did not suffer or punish like Nasr who was punished for real for what he did publicly and wanted to clear his name in front of history.
I believe Nasr was more educated that Suleiman because he knew history will not leave him alone and he needed to speak and defend himself. Suleiman was not punished , was not imprisoned , was not questioned for what he has done thus he did not care to clear the image.
Suleiman is now dead and is followed of torture , rendition and very close relations to Israel to the level of supporting the war on Gaza are all crimes he was accused of and even is found guilty  in the eyes of many.
Most activists are happy for his death , you can see it on twitter. Of course now it is a bit hysterical when some claimed that he was killed in the National security building explosion in Damascus yesterday !! And the theory goes even further that his body was transferred to the States !! The scary part some Syrian tweeps believed the stupid twitter conspiracy theory and shared it !!
He may have he got away from this life’s accountability but he can not get away from the accountability of the afterlife.
The radical Salafist front is saying that Muslims should not participate in Suleiman's funeral !!!!!!!!!
Now I wonder if Egyptian TV host Tarek Habib is going to release that interview he recorded with him as a presidential candidate during the presidential race for the Egyptian National TV.
May Allah have mercy on his soul and the souls of those he caused their harm whether intentionally or unintentionally.


  1. May Allah punish him for his career of devilish work on earth. For every soul lost to his evil.
    The world is a better place today at his demise.

    Morsi should NOT attend the funeral of this spawn of the devil.

  2. Mohamed El Naschie was a big fan of Suleiman.

  3. A Murtad has died.

  4. The poison scorpion has gone to the Shaitans VIP lounge to await his petrol soaked overalls

  5. Mohamed El Naschie will be on Egyptian TV tonight at 10:30 PM and can be expected to speak admiringly of Suleiman, and to portray himself as a close friend of the ex spy chief.

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