Thursday, July 19, 2012

#Syria Revolts : How will the game of national end again ?

For the third time Russia and China voted a UN security resolution with new sanctions against El Assad regime. It is a big blow. 
There are contradicting reports that the internet was blocked in Damascus. Some say that it is not working while the others say it is working fine. May be the internet is blocked in some areas and in other areas it is working fine.
Anyhow there are alarming reports that there is no bread in town , yes bread shortage Damascus 24 hours prior to Ramadan.  
Back to El Assad regime , well the members of his regime got an official military funeral. The funeral of Assaf Shawket , El Assad's brother in law was attended by Boshra El Assad "Assaf's wife" and his mother. 
Bashar El Assad has not appeared publicly , there are too many theories about his absence in the Western press , some claim that he was injured and that his family fled to Russia !! 
Now Al Manar TV allegedly says that he will address the nation tonight !! Update : El Assad appeared on TV speaking with the minister of defense. 
BY Hany Rasmy
On the other hand today Nile Sat and Arab Sat have shut down the signals of Pro-Al Assad Ad Dounia Channel. 

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