Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-2

And here we are in the 404th night from our Egyptian Ramadan radio Arabia nights where Scheherazade continues the second part of our new story this Ramadan “Hagar Sahar and Egrama”.

And a quick synopsis for non Arab speakers :  The Chieftain Wael Bin Kanaan and her wife Rihanna presented the offering to the temple where the high priest tells them a prophecy of that unborn baby regarding his fate in the future and how he will change the world. Rihanna got pregnant and at the same time a friend of Wael’s “Ibn Hagr” wife also gets pregnant. Their friend Araf also got a new baby but he is sad because it turned out to be a baby girl !!

Now it seems that the tribe hates girls and even kills them like in the Pre-Islam days in Arabia. Araf buries the little baby alive and he feels sad about it especially that Ibn Hagar blames him on how he would bury her alive where as other tribe called “Seksek” used to kidnap girls and this was why it was disgraces for the Bin Kanaan in the past. Ibn Hagar was totally against the idea of killing the girls , otherwise from where they will have mothers !!
Anyhow Ibn Hagar got the news and he got a baby boy which he named after the land from where the Bin Kanaan tribe came,the land of Hagar and yes my friends the hero of our tale was born.
Now the tale ends with the Rihanna giving birth and her husband running to the house to  know if the baby was a girl or a boy.
I think this story is from the original 1001 but it is written by the legendary Taher Abu Fasha.
Now this Ramadan on ONTV Live we find the famous Abla Fahita aka Shushu Abu Gahl aka Shushuzade got no tales to say for her hubby thus to save her life she tells him a riddle , a Ramadan riddle.
To be honest I do not know the answer , if you know you can share it with our favorite puppet here.

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  1. Is there an RSS feed for the audio broadcasts of Ramadan Arabian Nights?


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