Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kodak Agfa presents #Ramadan Lanterns 2012

And Kodak Agfa proudly presents its photo report about Ramadan Lanterns 2012 in Cairo and Giza “Mainly Giza”
Ramadan Lanterns 2012
This year I found that many Egyptians, unlike any other year, are buying lanterns whether for their homes or for themselves. 
Again the Chinese plastic lanterns dominate the market threatening the handmade Egyptian tin tradition lanterns. 
This year I found Sponge Bob as Ramadan Lantern !!
Chinese SpongeBob plastic lantern
Chinese SpongeBob plastic lantern

Activists in Egypt tried to push for a campaign to boycott the Chinese lanterns in solidarity with Syria. 
It is only a virtual Facebook campaign that got power on the ground, unfortunately. 
Already it was launched too late and nobody heard about, to be honest outside a couple of thousands on Facebook.
Anyhow long live our Egyptian lantern.
Egyptian traditional Ramadan Lanterns
Egyptian traditional Ramadan Lanterns


  1. You need to tell us more about this tradition. It reminds me of Christmas. And sadly the Chinese are taking over all of our holidays too.


  2. [ This year I found Sponge Bob as Ramadan Lantern !! ]

    An ugly piece of garbage. This one and every one around it. Those who make, import, or buy them have no respect for people traditions.

  3. That looks like an unlicensed, illegal Sponge Bob trademark ripoff. Typical of the Chinese.


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