Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-4

And continue our tale , it is the 405th Arabian night as well the fourth in our tale , the tale of Hagar , Sahar and Egrama.


Now Wael Bin Kanaan’s tribe has stopped the awful tradition of killing their daughters for fear of disgrace thanks to Sahar , the daughter of chieftain. Her birthday sooner became a national day called “The virgin day”. After many years of her birth , on the Virgin , there was that big market the tribe held where all things from camels to daggers to monkeys are being sold. Sahar and Hagar now are kids and friends playing around and so on. “of course when they get older , they will become lovers”

There is another boy they are speaking about , a naughty one who is called Egrama , the son of Sheikh Aref. Sooner Egrama joins them to play Lovers , yes Lovers where one of them is the knight that loves Sahar and the other is his rival who kidnaps her. You can guess Egrama is the rival and Hagar is the knight. Now Hagar kicks Egrama’s ass so badly that he hurries to his dad complaining from both Sahar and Hagar. His dad sheikh Aref in the market tells Sahar and Hagar’s parents that he will have his revenge from them and not from their kids and tribal fight would start.

To avoid tribal fight because of kids’ play , Sheikh Wael suggests that they would head to the tribe’s elderly to show their case. Later we see that Wael Bin Kanaan decides to set both Sahar and Hagar away from each other because they love each and create problems despite they are just kids but the suggestion was ignored.

The elderly decided that Both Wael Bin Kanaan and Ibn Hagar should slaughter two camels to compensate sheikh Aref.

You can refresh your memory here.

By the way this is a long tale, a 30 episodes tale.

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